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Who Needs To Be a Supermodel? I Wanna Be Sect’y of State

August 20, 2012


JANE R. writes:

Speaking of Condoleeza Rice have you seen the new NFL clothing line advertisement? Yes, Condi is modeling for the new line of NFL sports apparel. Hard to believe that a past U.S. Secretary of State could reemerge as a model, but it’s true.

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Lawrence Auster writes:

It’s not hard to believe at all. As is evident from the photo, Rice is doing exactly the same thing as a model that she did as Secretary of State: wallow in her love for herself.

Let us recall the blogger Whiskey’s definition of black culture: wildly inflated self-esteem, combined with manifest incompetence.

James P. writes:

Why is she a Browns fan? She was born in Alabama, grew up in Denver, was a Stanford professor, spent a lot of time in Washington… what’s the Cleveland connection?

Aug. 21

Mr. Auster adds:

It can’t be emphasized often enough. Up to approximately 1980, when people smiled, they smiled for other people, to be pleasant and to express good will to other people. After 1990, when people smiled, they smiled for themselves, to express their inordinate approval of themselves. After 1990, what it meant to be a successful person was that one was extremely pleased with oneself.

For example, look at the photo that Victor Davis Hanson posts with his articles at NRO. See how similar the expression is to Rice’s? It is gross, without dignity, because it all about how wonderful Hanson thinks he is.


And then remember that Hanson is supposedly a conservative, writing at a supposedly conservative magazine, and that almost all his articles are about the bad things that liberalism is doing to America. Could anyone believe that Hanson is serious about any of that? How could he be? His bottom line is how wonderful he is, and how how pleased he is with himself.

This is our culture. It’s all about the self, not about a larger order, and not about truth.

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