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Women at Homeland Security Accused of Bullying Men

August 10, 2012


KATHLENE M. writes:

Today’s news that the Department of Homeland Security is accused of mistreating male employees seems to follow our discussion yesterday about misanthropic feminists. According to the New York Daily News:

A blistering federal discrimination suit accuses agency honcho Janet Napolitano of turning the department into a female-run “frat house” where male staffers were banished to the bathrooms and routinely humiliated.

James Hayes Jr., who now is New York’s top Homeland Security cop, claims Napolitano filled top spots in Washington, D.C., with two of her gal pals who were bent on tormenting male employees.

The suit identified them as Dora Schriro, who is now running the city Department of Correction, and Suzanne Barr, the chief of staff for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Soon after Schriro and Barr were hired in January 2009, male staffers were treated like lapdogs, Hayes claims.

Barr “moved the entire contents of the offices of three employees, including name plates, computers and telephones, to the men’s bathroom at ICE headquarters,” the suit says.

Blogger Elizabeth Scalia “The Anchoress” comments on this:

… a couple of male friends of mine have shared humiliating stories of being targeted by members of the gynocracy who — perhaps feeling their privilege entitles them to a bit of feminist payback — played “jokes” on their male subordinates that should rightly have brought lawsuits and some miserable publicity their way. What protected them? The unwillingness of the men to publicly acknowledge the figurative castration they were undergoing by the miserable women they worked for, who played their games and then pretended it was all a joke….

You don’t sexually humiliate someone publicly and then expect things to just go back to normal, and once upon a time women were the ones who were making that lesson in the office. People who lack character become tyrants when they have more power than they should, and that’s just as true for any woman as for any man.

…And no man likes to go public with stories of being the whipping boy of an ardent feminist who was nevertheless capable of fluttering her eyelashes and pretending she was just a southern bell[e] caught up in Yankee high-jinks.

…I’m sure that’s how this DHS story will play: just a joke; where is your sense of humor, dude? You want to play with the big girls, you have to be able to take what they dish out.

I’m guessing that feminists (like my mother-in-law) would consider the men’s alleged mistreatment at DHS as fair payback or social justice. If what they say is true, I hope the men win their lawsuit against DHS, but with our increasingly corrupt and lawless society, I’m not so sure what will happen anymore.

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Jeanette V. writes:

From Debbie Schlussel who first broke the story below is a link to the PDF complaint. It is schocking the number of sexual deviant working in high places in the government.

New York’s top Department of Homeland Security cop is suing Department of Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano in an explosive but heretofore unnoticed federal lawsuit alleging Homeland Security employment discrimination against straight male agents by Napolitano (READ the federal complaint) in favor of her lesbian girlfriend and sexual harassment of male agents by Napolitano’s handpicked Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Chief of Staff, Suzanne Barr. The lawsuit alleges that Barr demanded a male ICE Special Agent engage in oral sex with her and that she relocated three top male ICE agents’ offices to the men’s bathroom at ICE headquarters. All of the alleged misconduct was the behavior of Barack Obama’s hand-picked people running the Department of Homeland Security, who’ve created a hostile work environment for straight male agents, a story I recently broke on this site.

Laura writes:

It is important to bear in mind that these are allegations that have not been proven in court.

And there are obvious political incentives for a suit such as this.

That said, the charges are plausible.

Kevin M. writes:

Dear President Obama:

I am writing to thank you for your outstanding efforts to keep our nation safe from Islamic terrorists by populating our Department of Homeland Security with a coven of fat, man-hating lesbians. I realize this accomplishment was not without a heavy burden upon your golf schedule, as people of this caliber are few and far between. I am particularly heartened to know that the uppermost stratum of national security is peopled with homosexual women who scream sexual epithets at male staff in their hotel rooms, and demand oral sex from men who are trained to keep us from enduring another 9/11. Total brainstorm, dude. Kudos.

Finally, I propose that all male staff be quartered in the men’s room. Saves lots of time, and lowers the carbon footprint, for all I know.

Wishing you a humiliating defeat in the next election, you celestially castrated clown, I remain,

Disgusted by your incompetence beyond mere words,


Anonymous in Arizona writes:

I worked directly with Suzanne Barr and although I found her to be competent and whip-smart, none of this surprises me in the slightest degree. The amount of filthy language and innuendo that came out of that woman’s mouth would have taken your breath away. She wasn’t alone either, our mutual boss (the Governor) had the same penchant for metaphor that might give a drill instructor pause. How do I know this? The vent from the closet where the autopen was used to sign official documents shared a vent with Governor Napolitano’s Office and was across the hall from her Chief of Staff’s Office (that would be Former U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke of Fast and Furious fame). So basically while in that little alcove on the ninth floor you could here the ‘grown-ups’ who ran Arizona uncensored. I could write a book about what I heard, but in response to an earlier comment you said that there might be political reasons behind the lawsuit. That is probably true, but I cannot stress to you enough that everything about this I have read comes as absolutely no surprise whatsoever. If everyone could hear the things that high-level Democrats actually believe they would boil them in oil.

Laura writes:

Thank you for writing. The Democrats may indeed have put foul-mouthed, abusive lesbians in office but we’ll need to wait for more evidence, all the while bearing in mind that we don’t need this evidence in order to oppose almost everything they stand for.

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