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Sunday Morning in America

September 1, 2012


SHEILA C. writes:

This video is a perfect summary of a modern church service, what Vox Dei (at Vox Popoli blog) calls “churchianity.” I thought you would really appreciate it.


Without Authority or Responsibility, Men Surrender Everything

September 1, 2012


DAVID writes:

In response to your entry on Romney’s egalitarian vision of prosperity, I’ve noted for sometime the absence of men i.e. “Men of the West,” in Islam’s ongoing war on Europe and Christendom.

Why, why, why are men absent? Mostly it is women – Melanie Phillips, Marine LePen, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Pamela Geller, Ann Barnhardt, the late Oriana Fallaci, and a few others. As for men, it is just Geert Wilders.

Why have men abandoned the field, the greatest civilization that men created, and gone walkabout, as if they don’t care for their creation? Read More »

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