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Daily Archives: September 7th, 2012


  TEXANNE writes: Do you think people will stop wearing the yellow “Livestrong” bracelets now that Lance Armstrong has been officially discredited? I am seeing lots of online advertising for the Livestrong line, which I had not noticed before the most recent developments — maybe close-out specials. Will anyone want to be seen in Livestrong […]

Pushing Diversity in the Bedroom

. HANNON writes: I have noticed over the last year or so a clearly deliberate attempt to market miscegenation to the TV viewing public. The commercial above depicts a couple in bed enjoying cream cheese, a classic American breakfast treat. Is it just a coincidence that the man (sorry, “male”) of the human pair looks […]

Note from a Reader

  A READER sends this note after requesting an address for making a donation: It’s the least I can do to help you keep up the great work that you’re doing. Yours is one of the sites I check in with every day, and several times a day at that. I think most people know the re-energizing […]