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More on Why White Women Fall for Black Men

September 9, 2012


THE discussion continues in the entry on the increasingly familiar phenomenon of white women pairing (“marrying” is often not the word) with black men. This phenomenon is evident in small rural towns and big cities throughout America. And yet no one ever discusses it. In the media, it is verboten to mention, let alone analyse, this immense cultural shift. This prohibition is borne of the standard-issue false humility of whites, which is a form of self-love.

The reader named Eric, who is a police officer, makes some astute observations, including this:

Certainly, we have all seen fat, white women with a white kid and a mulatto kid in tow. (If not, please visit your nearest Super Wal-Mart on the first of the month.) There seems to be a sense among some of these less-than-desirable women that any guy who is willing to be seen in public with them is as good as the next one, no matter if they are white, black, or Mexican. Read More »


The Gynocratic Convention

September 9, 2012


I DID not watch a single moment of the Democratic Convention during prime time last week. I did, however, later view some of Sandra Fluke’s speech, which you can see here. Rarely has the socialist project to denigrate womahood been presented in such glowing terms. It’s too hysterical and adolescent of a speech, the sort of thing you’d expect to hear at the Women’s Resource Center at any university or college, to take seriously. As Lawrence Auster says, “The human mind is designed for the contemplation of reality, not for the contemplation of sheer insanity.” It’s sheer insanity to view Fluke as a champion of women.  She is an avid proponent of their manipulation, unhappiness and corruption. And, truly, a childless woman who lectures the nation about the need to prevent birth is suffering from an insane level of presumption.

The Democrats scored two public relations victories against the Catholic Church. In the first, Caroline Kennedy presented herself as Catholic in her pro-abortion speech. Kennedy apparently believes Catholicism is hereditary and has nothing to do with what one believes. Kennedy is an airhead; she’s a human hot air balloon. Read More »