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Steve Klein

September 12, 2012


HERE’S a story in the Los Angeles Times about Steve Klein, an insurance agent and activist who was involved in the making of Innocence of Muslims, the movie that sparked the violence in Libya and Egypt. He said the purpose of the film was to provoke local terrorists so as to identify them and that, contrary to news reports, the main backer of the film was an American Christian, not an Israeli Jew. From the piece:

He said he did not “give a darn” if it offended Muslims.

The intent of the film, he said, was to help identify people who sympathized with Osama bin Laden and terrorists.

“I am not responsible for the actions that they go out and do,” Klein said. “Why would I be bothered? I told the truth. I have told the truth. I will continue to tell the truth.” Read More »


From the Desk of Our Flying Saucer Correspondent

September 12, 2012


ROGER G. writes:

Awhile back, our estimable blogmistress wrote about her sighting of a green fireball.  I am the official flying saucer (and rugby) expert for the THW and VFR websites, so it might be thought that I would have responded. But I am an old and seasoned flying saucer nut. Therefore I’m not to be provoked by a bolide, or any of the many other natural phenomena which lie behind almost all UFO incidents.

However, other readers have made comments implying that flying saucers don’t exist. (See here and here) That’s a point of view which does motivate me to respond.

I concede that intelligent and well informed people generally are of such opinion. On this matter, they are wrong. Anyone who looks at the evidence objectively must conclude that we are being visited from outside the earth – given what we know of Sol’s other planets, certainly from outside our solar system. Read More »


Obama Clinches the Pizza Vote

September 12, 2012


THE ROAD to serfdom is paved with cheap tomato sauce and mozzarella asphalt. Obama walked into a Florida pizzeria this week and bought 20 pizzas with cash. The owner pledged his vote. “I just gave him a great big bear hug,” Scott Van Duzer said, the BBC reported. Smart move on the part of the president. Obama knows the power of the Pizza Industrial Complex.

Read More »


The Just Response to 9-11

September 12, 2012


A COMMENTER at VFR, Chris K. writes:

Eleven years ago it became pretty obvious that a significant portion of the Mohammedan world hates us and wants to kill, convert, or conquer the West. If I suddenly found myself in a war with hundreds of millions of people, I’d get serious pretty quick about fighting it. We refuse to admit that Islam itself is the problem. We refuse to take economic measures to cut off the oil financed funding of jihad. We refuse to be realistic about the social and religious vulnerabilities of our society. A sane society would have seen the thousands of Muslims dancing in the streets of the world that September day, and drawn some conclusions about that and done something about it. We would have developed our own resources, we would have embargoed the whole Muslim world. Any wars we would have fought would have been wars of destruction, and not rebuilding the homes of our enemies. We would have ceased to pretend that we can afford unlimited spending on the ineducable, the foolish, or the already wealthy. Instead we act like all of America is a Chicago public school classroom, where no learning can take place.

The proper response to 9-11 would have been to separate Muslims from the West. As Lawrence Auster has written, this would involve inducing Muslims humanely to leave the United States and, when necessary, expelling them altogether.

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