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Daily Archives: September 13th, 2012

Why Race and Marriage Should Be Discussed

  PAUL writes about the recent discussions here on interracial marriage and relationships: This is an extremely important topic for me and the West. I recall many years ago attending yet another wasteful business conference. I am white, and I date white women only. I met a very dark but wholly European-featured Hispanic young lady […]

Centuries of Outrages Against the Koran

  IN A DISCUSSION last year, a reader named Charles wrote: Here is an article from Asia News reporting on a Christian couple in Pakistan who were each given 25 year sentences for allegedly touching a Koran with unwashed hands. The article is dated March 3, 2010 – a little over one year ago.  This was before Pastor Jones was […]

Terry Jones Against the World

  SEE the heated discussion here last year about the actions of Terry Jones. As I said at that time, Jones was acting courageously when he announced he would burn the Koran as a form of protest and resistance to Islam. In another entry, I quoted Jeff Culbreath of What’s Wrong with the World. He wrote: That […]

UFO’s or Unidentified Angelic Beings?

  ALAN ROEBUCK, and two other readers, have interesting responses to the entry from Roger G., the Thinking Housewife flying saucer correspondent. Mr Roebuck writes: I wanted to give my two cents about the flying saucer thing. The best take on the subject that I’ve ever heard comes from Hugh Ross, former professor of astrophysics […]