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Why Race and Marriage Should Be Discussed

September 13, 2012


PAUL writes about the recent discussions here on interracial marriage and relationships:

This is an extremely important topic for me and the West. I recall many years ago attending yet another wasteful business conference. I am white, and I date white women only. I met a very dark but wholly European-featured Hispanic young lady (whose elegance and heritage proved to me she was brought up in a middle-class or wealthy family and attended American Catholic schools, although she never said it, and I don’t pry). Read More »


Centuries of Outrages Against the Koran

September 13, 2012


IN A DISCUSSION last year, a reader named Charles wrote:

Here is an article from Asia News reporting on a Christian couple in Pakistan who were each given 25 year sentences for allegedly touching a Koran with unwashed hands. The article is dated March 3, 2010 – a little over one year ago.  This was before Pastor Jones was in the news.  The article is also discussed at Jihad Watch.

Islam is going to treat Christians and other non-Muslims very badly even if no one ever destroys a Koran.  Even touching this book with unwashed hands is an insult to them.

So, Muslims and Western liberals, please stop blaming Mr. Jones for inciting Musilm riots and for inciting Musim violence against others.  The violence was well underway before Mr. Jones appeared on the scene.  In fact, it has been underway for the past, oh, 1400 years.


Terry Jones Against the World

September 13, 2012


SEE the heated discussion here last year about the actions of Terry Jones. As I said at that time, Jones was acting courageously when he announced he would burn the Koran as a form of protest and resistance to Islam. In another entry, I quoted Jeff Culbreath of What’s Wrong with the World. He wrote:

That the Koran is a book worthy of mass extermination by means of fire cannot be credibly denied by any Christian who takes his faith seriously. I’ve defended the burning of books many times in the past, and have often made the point that Catholics have no business condemning the burning of books in principle (although specific cases might be condemned on prudential grounds). Indeed, the Church solemnly applauds the destruction of harmful books…

…. Read More »


UFO’s or Unidentified Angelic Beings?

September 13, 2012


ALAN ROEBUCK, and two other readers, have interesting responses to the entry from Roger G., the Thinking Housewife flying saucer correspondent.

Mr Roebuck writes:

I wanted to give my two cents about the flying saucer thing.

The best take on the subject that I’ve ever heard comes from Hugh Ross, former professor of astrophysics and head of the Protestant “science apologetics” organization Reasons to Believe.

In summary, Ross’s take is this:

Although most reported “OFU” activity (around 95 percent) is either charlatanism or honest misunderstandings, there is a significant amount of unexplainable, real UFO activity. This activity often leaves behind physical evidence, but the craft themselves have never been handled. They are only seen in the sky. Read More »

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