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Daily Archives: September 14th, 2012

Mississippi Masala

  JANE S. writes: Mississippi Masala (1992) is a movie that explores the issue of biracial marriage rather well (Spoiler alert). It’s about a man who is a third-generation Indian immigrant in Uganda. He spends his entire life in close relationships with blacks. As an attorney, he valiantly defends the rights of blacks. Then Idi Amin comes […]

Housewives in India May Receive Salaries

  AUGUSTIAN PAULDURAI writes: The Women and Child Development (WCD) ministry of India is planning to introduce a policy that would require husbands to pay a monthly salary to their homemaker wives! The cabinet ministers have recently approved a marriage law amendment bill that will empower women to initiate no-fault divorce and get a share […]

“Innocence of Muslims”

  DANIEL S. writes: I had time to watch the video “trailer” of Innocence of Muslims (I am not sure if there is an actual full length version), and found it stupid, juvenile, and poorly produced. Supposedly $5 million was spent on it, though it doesn’t show. The content is deliberately inflammatory toward Muslims, depicting […]