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If Housewives Were Paid Salaries, cont.

September 15, 2012


IN RESPONSE to the post about the proposal in India to require husbands to pay their wives salaries, a proposal that is seriously being considered for a nation of over a billion people, thus proving that there are few unworkable fantasies beyond the  imagination of modern, collectivist bureaucrats, the reader Forta Leza writes:

Here’s a thought experiment: What if a law were passed mandating that wives must cook at least five fresh dinners per week and do at least two loads of laundry per week? Or what if the law required that wives offer their husbands sexual relations at least once a week? Surely feminists would be outraged. And they would correctly note that under normal circumstances, the state should not get involved in peoples’ marriages. Which is exactly what is wrong with the wife salary proposal. Read More »


Advertisers Love the Thrill of Black Man/White Woman

September 15, 2012


An ad for Jaguar

JEANETTE V. writes:

The man and woman in the back seat of a car is an ad for Jaguar. You can see more here.

The next one is an ad I received in my e-mail hawking Photoshop actions used to enhance photos. I will not be purchasing any of that business’s products.

Adriana writes:

The white woman and black man in the Jaguar ad are the two of the stars of the TV show “30 Rock.” 30 Rock features an ensemble cast, so one might try to argue that the advertisers specifically picked out a white woman and a black man from that cast, except anyone who watches the show will know that Jane Krakowski and Tracy Morgan play the two “always-at-odds” stars of the in-show television show (it’s a show about a TV show).

Laura writes:

Adriana’s point places the Jaguar ad in a different context.

¬† Read More »


Pending Comments

September 15, 2012


I HAVE quite a few comments from readers on recent threads. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get to them yet. I hope to post them by this afternoon.

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