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Daily Archives: September 15th, 2012

If Housewives Were Paid Salaries, cont.

  IN RESPONSE to the post about the proposal in India to require husbands to pay their wives salaries, a proposal that is seriously being considered for a nation of over a billion people, thus proving that there are few unworkable fantasies beyond the ¬†imagination of modern, collectivist bureaucrats, the reader Forta Leza writes: Here’s […]

Advertisers Love the Thrill of Black Man/White Woman

  JEANETTE V. writes: The man and woman in the back seat of a car is an ad for Jaguar. You can see more here. The next one is an ad I received in my e-mail hawking Photoshop actions used to enhance photos. I will not be purchasing any of that business’s products. Adriana writes: […]

Pending Comments

  I HAVE quite a few comments from readers on recent threads. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get to them yet. I hope to post them by this afternoon.