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Daily Archives: September 16th, 2012

More on Strange and Unexpected Visions in the Sky

  ALAN writes: The Thinking Housewife is being taken for a ride by flying saucer advocates and UFO believers. I do not “imply” that flying saucers do not exist. I assert flatly that they do exist. They are as real as rainbows and just as insubstantial. Decades ago, when I was an amateur astronomer, I studied the […]

Obituaries in an Age of Divorce

  SUSAN writes: I just came across the short book — pamphlet really — entitled Widow With a Husband: An Alzheimer’s Experience  (2008) by Kathleen Ryan. The author was married to George Blaufuss, Jr. for nineteen years, from 1988 until his death at age ninety-two in 2007. He was  first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1999. The obituary for Mr. Blaufuss in the Napa […]

Conservative, Black and Looking for a Wife

  A YOUNG MAN from Massachusetts writes: I decided to write in response to the race and marriage conversation that has been taking place on your site in the past week. I am a black young man in my early twenties who has been wrestling with the idea of interracial marriage for quite some time. I get […]