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Daily Archives: September 19th, 2012

Chik-Fil-A Appears to Have Surrendered

  THE fast food company has announced it will re-evaluate its donations to organizations that are against same-sex marriage and that it will include “sexual orientation” in its anti-discrimination hiring policy. Read about it here. If you’ve developed a taste for fried chicken patties, get over it.

The Saucer Files, cont.

  IN THIS previous post on UFOs, Alan responds to commenters who suggest there is credible evidence that objects seen in the sky have been spaceships from other planets. He writes: In reply to the comments on my Saucer post: 1)  Jim P. wonders why a “professional journalist” would write a book about UFOs.  How about money?  […]

The Have-It-All Mentality

  FITZGERALD writes: I came upon this recent Forbes piece by a Meghan Casserly who covers ”the juggle of work, life and play for smart, ambitious women.” It’s about smart, ambitious women dropping out of the workforce to be smart, ambitious mothers. From the piece: “No feminist voice can or should make a woman feel bad for the decision […]

Promoting Freaks, Outlawing Normal

  THE Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights has launched a campaign promoting sensitivity toward the transgendered, “the first government-sponsored campaign in the country to focus on the treatment of transgender and gender non-conforming communities,” according to the New York Daily News.  The print ads portray “gender non-conforming communities,” or the sad and perverted process of […]

Better Body Armor for Female Soldiers, Hooray!

  JAMES P. writes: The Daily Mail reports that the Army has developed a new type of body armor for women. I am reminded of the old Secret deodorant ad — “strong enough for a man, made for a woman.” Of course, that armor won’t help them when their Afghan “colleagues” shoot them after they remove their body armor…