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Advertisers Love the Thrill of Black Man/White Woman

September 15, 2012


An ad for Jaguar

JEANETTE V. writes:

The man and woman in the back seat of a car is an ad for Jaguar. You can see more here.

The next one is an ad I received in my e-mail hawking Photoshop actions used to enhance photos. I will not be purchasing any of that business’s products.

Adriana writes:

The white woman and black man in the Jaguar ad are the two of the stars of the TV show “30 Rock.” 30 Rock features an ensemble cast, so one might try to argue that the advertisers specifically picked out a white woman and a black man from that cast, except anyone who watches the show will know that Jane Krakowski and Tracy Morgan play the two “always-at-odds” stars of the in-show television show (it’s a show about a TV show).

Laura writes:

Adriana’s point places the Jaguar ad in a different context.


—— Comments —–

Daniel S. writes:

The woman in the second photo looks East Asian, not white.

Laura writes:

She is an Asian woman dressed to look like a white woman. See Kidist Paulos Asrat’s comments here on the photo.

Jeanette writes regarding the first photo:

I don’t have cable and my TV is old and doesn’t net the new digital TV signals. I only watch Netflix so I’m pretty much out of the loop when it comes to TV “culture.”

Paul writes:

This is just one small reason why I cannot wait for Internet broadcasting.  It will be possible for broadcasting to audiences with or without big advertisers, who are subject to boycotts and worse.  I suspect, perhaps because of paranoia, that broadband is being stalled in the U.S. because of liberals and big advertisers.  If we no longer see advertisements, many companies will cease to exist or at least shrivel.  We don’t need advertisements for toiletries or automobiles, for example.  We can find what we need on the Net or by word of mouth.  Almost always, I already mute commercials or switch channels temporarily; they irritate me in no small way because they are filled with liberalism.

I don’t understand why there is not more podcasting, Internet advertising of podcasts, and Internet broadcasting such as it is.  This use of the Net seems a great way for Christians and traditionalists to get their message out.  I have even thought of creating an Internet broadcasting site; but I can’t until I retire because my ideas are taboo.  Hopefully talented people will emerge, making my site unnecessary.

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