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Housewives in India May Receive Salaries

September 14, 2012



The Women and Child Development (WCD) ministry of India is planning to introduce a policy that would require husbands to pay a monthly salary to their homemaker wives!

The cabinet ministers have recently approved a marriage law amendment bill that will empower women to initiate no-fault divorce and get a share in the property (an incentive) acquired during the marriage. The holy Bible says [love of] money is the root of all evil. The feminist-controlled Indian government is trying to divide and destroy families by bringing money into family relationships.

Indian feminists are employing more innovative methods than their Western counterparts, to destroy the family relationships with complete support from secular and liberal media. Pro-family groups are doing their best to oppose these anti-family laws but their voice is silenced by the satanic (secular) media.

The Indian feminist juggernaut and their allies (Government and Mainstream media) are crushing the families and marriages in the name of equality and women empowerment.

Marriages are disintegrating at faster rate, Indian men are legally enslaved by domestic violence law, anti-dowry law and marriage law.

India is great because of the strong families and the culture that values and honors the marriage relationship.

The foundation of Indian society is being attacked relentlessly by feminists. Indian Churches are doing nothing to stop it.

Laura writes:

It is unclear to me from reading the article you linked how likely it is that such an idea would be enacted in India. But you are absolutely right. The idea of paying housewives is a liberal innovation. It’s intended not to support housewives in their work but to undermine them. A price tag cannot be placed on nurture. Only those who look down on this intangible would insist on quantifying it. And even though a man supports his wife with his salary, it is still his salary. A man and wife have nothing to give to each other when what they give is mandated and overseen by the State.

It’s a disgusting, repellent idea.

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James P. writes:

If I pay my wife a salary, then I guess I get to charge her rent, make her pay for utilities, and make her buy her own food, just like I would any other lodger or housemate, right? She may even find that it’s cheaper not to be paid a salary…

Jane S. writes:

That reminds me of a story I read once about a woman whose mother presented her with a bill for raising her.

Her mother had kept a record of every dime she spent on her daughter from the day she was born. Then, when the daughter reached adulthood, she totalled it all up and asked to be reimbursed. The woman was shocked, but she wanted to stay on good terms with her mother, so she took money out of her retirement account and paid her back.

Maybe that’s what’s next.

Laura writes:

That’s astonishing. It’s like something out of a modern-day Grimm’s fairy tale.

Natalie writes:

The truly laughable part is that if you ask my uncle, my father, or my husband’s father they’ll tell you with a twinkle in their eye that they might consider such an option since their wives currently get everything they earn. It’s the same way with my husband. I once took a moment to reflect on just how much money we spend based solely (or primarily) on my judgement. It was a sobering thought. My husband works very hard, and for the most part just hands over his money (we have a joint checking account) for me to spend as I see fit. That’s how it works. So long as a husband and wife are working together for their mutual benefit they both have free access to all the talents and resources of the other. To speak of earning from the other person denies the foundation of love, respect, grace, and sacrifice upon which a Godly marriage is based and blasphemes the nature of Christ as He should be depicted in marriage.

 Laura writes:

Excellent point.

It is very common for a woman to have more discretion over her husband’s income than he himself possesses since she often runs the day-to-day household.

Kevin M. writes:

This article reminds me of something I stumbled across on some blog about two years ago. I was unable to confirm it, but as the facts were related, it appeared to have more than a smidgeon of authenticity.

So I was told, back in 1999, a female Labour Party member of British Parliament floated a bill that stated that in the U.K. (if this bill was passed), married men would no longer be able to collect their wages from employers. By law, all married men’s salaries would be electronically transferred to his wife’s bank account. It was claimed that domestic harmony would be better served if men stopped squandering their salaries on beer and football tickets. The motion was instantly defeated and that minister laughed out of office. But what temerity to even suggest such a law!

Which kinda sorta made me wonder…if this was passed, would the divorce rate skyrocket and single men completely swear off the notion of marriage?

Why is it when women think up some new legislation, they think they can win a chess game in one move? That they never seem to consider how things will play out over a period of time?

I don’t mean to get all misogynistic or anything, but I can’t help but see, when I consider women’s contributions to federal or state legislation, it always seems like little Suzy petitioning Santa Claus for an endless list of gimme, gimme, gimme that even Tinkerbell would laugh at.

Men in India are supposed to pay their wives a salary? Should the husband get a salary for going out and earning a salary that he shares with his wife? Does paying your wife a salary kinda make her a whore?

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