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Is It a Mortal Sin to Vote for Obama?

September 5, 2012


THE Baltimore Catechism defines mortal sin as a “grievous offense against God:”

To make a sin mortal three things are required: a grievous matter, sufficient reflection and full consent of the will.

Is it not a “grievous matter” to be an accessory to abortion, same-sex “marriage,” mass contraception and the organized, unconstitutional redistribution of property, which is arguably a form of theft? And, if it is a mortal sin to vote for a politician who believes in all these things, what does it mean for the Church if thousands of Catholics continue to receive Communion after having cast a vote for Obama and failed to repent?

—- Comments —-

Kevin M. writes:

Q: Is it a mortal sin to vote for Obama?

A: Couldn’t tell you.

Q: Is it an act of tunneling at rocket speed to the core of Planet Stupid to vote for Obama?

A: Kinda sorta yeah.

Laura writes:

Sin renders us stupid, so the stupidity you mention may be a symptom not a cause.

Andy writes:

Lets say it was a mortal sin for sake of argument. What does it mean for the Catholic Church if many Catholics sin and then receive communion? Nothing! THAT controversy was solved 1700 years ago with the condemnation of Donatism. The Church is not sullied or hindered in its being able to carry out its divine mission by the failings of its members. If it were, the overwhelming practice of fornication and contraception among American Catholics would have done her in long ago.

Mary writes:

It is absolutely a mortal sin if the criteria are met. The problems are 1) cowardly or just plain poor cathechesis on these matters, rendering the faithful ignorant, in which case mortal sin is thrown into question; and 2) legions of fallen-away who identify as Catholic in polls but haven’t been to Mass in years, leaving the nation with the sense that a significant number of faithful, practicing Catholics voted for Obama.

Doesn’t help that Obama was underhanded and wily enough to engage Catholic scholars like Doug Kmiec to convince the faithful that a vote for Obama is acceptable. How does the old saying go? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…

Terry Morris writes:

Is it a mortal sin to vote for Obama? Great question. It puts me in mind of the unaskable, “Can one be a faithful Democrat and a good Christian too?”

I asked that question of some of my Democratic relatives back in the 1990s when Clinton was in office. And soon learned that this was not a question ever to be raised in polite “Christian” company. The answer was an emphatic YES!, based on the separation of church and state, or some such. Which apparently means that in voting for secular rulers, Christians are to ignore the biblical prescription to “Choose ye wise men, men who fear God, hating covetousness.”

In any event, and in terms of civic responsibility, a vote for Obama is a sin against the United States and her fundamental law (the Constitution).

It is quite literally as unpatriotic as one can possibly get. Anyone who doesn’t understand why musn’t understand what the term “patriotism” means. But that’s perhaps a subject for another discussion.

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