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More on Why White Women Fall for Black Men

September 9, 2012


THE discussion continues in the entry on the increasingly familiar phenomenon of white women pairing (“marrying” is often not the word) with black men. This phenomenon is evident in small rural towns and big cities throughout America. And yet no one ever discusses it. In the media, it is verboten to mention, let alone analyse, this immense cultural shift. This prohibition is borne of the standard-issue false humility of whites, which is a form of self-love.

The reader named Eric, who is a police officer, makes some astute observations, including this:

Certainly, we have all seen fat, white women with a white kid and a mulatto kid in tow. (If not, please visit your nearest Super Wal-Mart on the first of the month.) There seems to be a sense among some of these less-than-desirable women that any guy who is willing to be seen in public with them is as good as the next one, no matter if they are white, black, or Mexican.

Our public policy exacerbates this. With the pervasiveness of welfare payments and state support, women feel no need to choose wisely when selecting a mate. (I mean of course, in this context, a “baby daddy.”) There is little or no economic penalty for a woman selecting a shiftless black over a hard-working white man. The irony of it all is that the white man is still the one paying for the results.

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Todd from Oklahoma writes:

Several years ago I worked for a company based out of Memphis. My superior was an interesting Southerner. Once in conversation I asked him his thoughts regarding this phenomenon. He said bluntly, “Oh, that’s simple. White women come from white patriarchal homes and will respect and defer to the man of the house. Even as she pays the rent and she does this because the black man constantly tells her how beautiful she is and lavishes her with flattery and attention. For a little while anyway.”

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Terry Morris writes:

Not to be overly critical, but “More on why white women fall for black men” just doesn’t quite seem to fit in this context. The type of white woman Eric refers to in his comments generally doesn’t “fall for” black mates, best I can tell, but rather aggressively pursues black males as her preferred and predetermined choice for a mate.

Something goes haywire in the minds of these girls during their formidable years, judging from what I’ve seen. And my general impression is that, ultimately when you trace it to its very root, it is the result of parental neglect, or a poor upbringing.

One does not get a “free pass” simply because the larger culture encourages such illicit behavior. It is a lesson that such parents (parent figures?) generally have to learn the hard way, whether they ever acknowledge it or not.

Eric’s observation concerning the welfare State’s exacerbation of the problem is spot on.

Laura writes:

I suspect that a fair number of the women Eric refers to come from single mother or broken homes and that these women do fall for the virility of black men out of a hunger for male attention and affirmation. They may also seek black men for that reason.

Alex A. writes:

The number one reason why a black man is keen to ‘hook up’ with a white woman – especially a pretty fair-haired woman who would have no difficulty in attracting an ‘alpha’ white man – is because she becomes his ‘trophy’. A beautiful white woman in the arms of a black man represents a symbolic victory of black over white. And that racial symbolism is understood even by blacks of the meanest intelligence. Outsmarting whites is a massive incentive for black men who are naturally boastful and hungry for conquest.

The wonder of all this (to me) is that white women don’t use their common sense and before giving themselves to black men worry about the fact that stable black nuclear families have been ruined by the destructive and irresponsible behaviour of black men. Maybe the explanation is that some white women think they can ‘tame’ any black man’s feral tendencies? Not even the terrible warning of the O. J. Simpson case seems to have much effect.

Forta Leza writes:

I realizing I am harping on my overstimulation theory, but I do think it’s part of the problem. If a girl has sex with lots of men, over time she will need more and more stimulation to get the same amount of sexual satisfaction. For a lot of girls, black men are more stimulating — probably it’s a combination of the taboo and black mens’ more aggressive and dominant nature. Also black men are reputed to have larger genitalia.

Of course a lot of advertising is intended to be sexually stimulating. And in a society of overstimulated people, the incentive is to make advertisements more and more racy. For the most part, decisions about what cream cheese to buy are made by women. It seems pretty clear to me that the cream cheese ad you linked to is intended to sexually stimulate women into paying attention and buying their product. An image of a black man in bed with a white girl is more shocking and attention-getting which is what advertising tries to accomplish.

Ironically for the makers of Philly Cream Cheese, our society is also overstimulated in terms of food, which is why so much of the population is overweight. But the results of sexual overstimulation are (in my opinion) more destructive though perhaps less obvious.

It seems ridiculously quaint to refrain from advertising which shows people in bed together, but I think it’s the correct idea. (Albeit impossible to implement in a society which prizes free speech).

Laura writes:

Getting back to that cream cheese ad, we see the fairy tale it depicts for obese women with black boyfriends.

Mark L. writes:

I agree with much of what’s been said about the motivations for white women going for black men, and vice versa. And you’re right about the physical and class types that go in for this. From what I’ve observed, even the trashiest of white women — the ones who stand in line at McDonald’s wearing pyjamas, alongside with their mulatto kid — seem to be nurturing types, and thus probably find it (perversely) natural to nurture their black boyfriend/husband.

Which makes me wonder: is it possible that a lot of black men prefer white women over blacks, not because of the desire to find a trophy, but because they find white women less bossy and domineering than black women? I know a lot of fine black women, but I also take public transportation to work daily, and I’d have to be blind not to have noticed that many are loud, prideful, totally unsubmissive … and would be a total turn-off to a lot of black guys, who would otherwise naturally gravitate towards them.

In a similar vein, a lot of white men probably like Asian women because they are, outwardly, anyway, more submissive and soft than white women (who have been more heavily indoctrinated with feminism).

In either case, liberalism has once again fulfilled its destructive mission: just as the welfare state has created a class of black women who don’t need a man to provide for them, and thus see no need to make themselves appealing to the men who would be their natural mates, so feminism has created a class of independent white women who likewise don’t need to cultivate the feminine virtues, with similar (if less obvious) results.

(Of course, if my theory is correct, it’s only a matter of time before the Asian women catch up to this way of thinking, though it seems inevitable.)

Laura writes:

Great points.

Mark’s comment that feminism has encouraged miscegenation is an important one.

Alan R. writes:

Steve Sailer had a few articles on this phenomena that might interest your readers. Certainly a different perspective. Keep up the fabulous work.

Steve Sailer’s articles here and here.

Laura writes:

Thanks. Yes, I have linked those articles of Sailer’s before.

In the first, he poses the question: While interracial marriage is increasingly accepted by whites, a surprising number of Asian men and black women are bitterly opposed. Why?

Mark L. writes:

Remember Spike Lee’s movie, Jungle Fever? The film closes with the lead character (played by Wesley Snipes) returning to his black wife, after an affair with a white woman. And he does so simply because it’s the right and natural thing to do. He temporarily succumbed to “jungle fever” — kind of like Forta Leza’s idea about the need for constant variety — but ultimately felt more comfortable among his own. He wanted to remain a black man in what was (to his eyes) a cold, harsh, racist world.

Never mind the usual self-pity we can expect from Spike Lee (who oddly enough seems to prefer dating white women — maybe because they’re more open to short guys?). The point is, the film got the main point right. Just like Boyz in the Hood got the importance of father figures in the black community right, despite all the whining about racism.

Both films were applauded by all the usual liberal and progressive film reviewers. What are the chances they’d have approved a similar film in which the roles were reversed, and the white woman returns from the black boyfriend to her white husband?

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