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Note from a Reader

September 7, 2012


A READER sends this note after requesting an address for making a donation:

It’s the least I can do to help you keep up the great work that you’re doing.

Yours is one of the sites I check in with every day, and several times a day at that. I think most people know the re-energizing feeling of finding like-minded allies, but it’s especially heartening to me to find conservative women, since so many women–sadly–lean left, and often hard left. (I’d like to be wrong about that, but my experience hasn’t shown me otherwise.) Are there more like you? I hope so, and especially among young women, because the future lies with the young. It seems like the young today, male and female alike, are lost to social progressivism, and I don’t think that bodes well for the country’s future. I don’t think my kids (my wife and I have three of them, and we’re married 17 years; I’m 49 and she’s 43) are inheriting a country that’s as good as the one I used to know.

Anyway, keep up the great work. It shores me up, and many others, I’m sure.

Laura writes:

Thank you.

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