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Pushing Diversity in the Bedroom

September 7, 2012


HANNON writes:

I have noticed over the last year or so a clearly deliberate attempt to market miscegenation to the TV viewing public. The commercial above depicts a couple in bed enjoying cream cheese, a classic American breakfast treat. Is it just a coincidence that the man (sorry, “male”) of the human pair looks a lot like Obama, beside his white female “partner” of indeterminate status? It is curious that there is a large minority of negative votes for this video but looking at several pages of comments I only found musings about the song. Considering the fearless (and often obscene) nature of YouTube comments this tells me that a lot of viewers are not thinking about that song.

 This is only a newer example of the conspicuous effort– major brands advertising in prime time– to showcase “progressive” ads involving race. Ads with two white guys and their black friend, for example, are now ubiquitous. The message seems to be that radical inclusiveness and tolerance is the new universal reality. But it is not the associations themselves that are necessarily “objectionable.” It is the fact that the ideas of miscegenation, racial mixing and the like are relentlessly pushed. Those with airwave power are dictating to the rest of us what should be our social structure. That is the outrage and I don’t think I would give much thought to the race relations on a personal level otherwise.

 Laura writes:

This is a very hip and cool couple and the truth is, the black male/white female couple has become  hip and cool. I think it is important to give a thought to the race relations on a personal level.

How does the average black woman view such a commercial?

I think she would feel quite angered by it; black women in general are not thrilled by the fact that more black men are marrying or settling down with white women much more often than in the past. Miscegenation heightens sexual competition, and makes certain groups more vulnerable to having no mates at all.

Some of the previous posts on this subject can be found here, here, here, here, here, here and here. As I wrote here, the rates for interracial marriage more than doubled for whites and nearly tripled for blacks from 1980 to 2008, according to the Pew report, which uses figures from the U.S. Census Bureau.  As of 2008, 22 percent of black male newlyweds, or more than one in five, married a woman who was not black, a figure that is likely higher today. Black women are not marrying white men at a comparable rate. Also, about 40 percent of Asian women in America now marry outside their race, as opposed to 20 percent of Asian men. Clearly, there are Asian men having a difficult time finding a spouse either here or in their native country.

By the way, that song in the cream cheese commercial is charming. Also, leaving the racial issue aside, it would have been fairly shocking not all that long ago to see a commercial with a couple in bed together.

   —- Comments —–

Jill Farris writes:

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that the commercial is some white person’s view of what a “diverse” couple looks like. The black men I see who are with white women pick women who are very fair and overweight. We’ve lived in different regions of the states and continually notice that particular trend.

Laura writes:

Yes, while Hollywood glamorizes the black male/white female couple, the reality is very different. There are two types of white women who seem to end up with black men, purely based on personal observation: young women, often unattractive, with low self-esteem and older divorced women. There are exceptions, of course. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the women in the former category come from single mother homes.

 Kevin S. writes:

You may be incorrect in stating [mainly] young, insecure, unattractive women and older single women are attracted to black men. Satoshi Kanazawa’s recent publication in Psychology Today was a good argument that when intelligence considerations are set aside black men are objectively more attractive to females. (When considering intellect they are roughly equal according to that study.) I believe the main conclusion behind the study was the significantly higher mean levels of testosterone in blacks leads to (unsurprisingly) a very masculine set of features, among numerous other generalized traits. Given the omnipresent brainwashing our upcoming generations experience it would not surprise me if even a majority of all young women considered black men to be at least as desirable as white men. Those few who see past all the media nonsense to the inferior intellect and startling levels of violence may find themselves in a dwindling minority.

 Laura writes:

The virility of black men is obviously a factor in their attractiveness to white women, just as the relative femininity of Asian women is attractive to white men.

However, there is definitely more interracial pairing among low-intelligence whites and I see many white women from this category with black men. Though there is the same openness to the phenomenon among the affluent and educated, it is not as common, and that is probably because of the tendency of women to marry men who are more successful.

Jane S. writes:

Good heavens. Even cream cheese has become a tool of leftist propaganda. These people will stop at nothing. They are out of control.

Jesse Powell writes:

I’d like to give some information on the children of mixed race couples. Using the Married Parents Ratio (MPR) as my primary indicator of family well being it is interesting to note that mixed race part white and part black children are much closer to the average for blacks on this indicator than they are to the average for whites. Mixed race part white and part Hispanic children have the same MPR as Hispanic children overall even though whites have a higher MPR than Hispanics. Only children who are part white and part Asian have a MPR close to the mid-point of their two parent’s respective racial groups.

Definitions: “MPR” is the Married Parents Ratio, the proportion of all own children who live with married parents; “Population” is the proportion of the total population under 18 years old of the particular race or racial combination. “Total” is all races combined. “White” is non-Hispanic white alone. “Black” is black alone. “Hispanic” is all Hispanics. “Asian” is Asian alone. “White/Black” is mixed race part white and part black. “White/Asian” is mixed race part white and part Asian. The “White/Hispanic”category is based on the actual data given for White; Some other race. “Some other race” is used as a racial category in the 2010 Census. Almost all children (96.5%) who are “Some other race alone” are Hispanic. I am using the “Some other race” category as a proxy for Hispanics. To get my population quantity for the mixed race White/Hispanic category of children I am using the quantity given for White;Some other race children and adjusting it for the proportion of all Hispanics who listed their race as “Some other race.”

Married Parents Ratio and Population of Children by Race and Mixed Race – 2010 Census
MPR Population
Total 70.2% 100.0%
White 78.1% 53.5%
Black 38.8% 14.6%
Hispanic 66.8% 23.1%
Asian 87.1% 4.4%
White/Black 45.1% 1.67%
White/Hispanic 66.3% 2.59%
White/Asian 82.8% 1.10%

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