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Slutty Seattle

September 10, 2012



I stumbled onto this little gem about the latest Slutwalk in Seattle when I was listening to local talk radio this morning. The female reporter who composed the blog posting was going on triumphantly about how women need to be respected. Respected for what? Respect comes from respectful behavior. These women are demanding respect for disrespectful behavior. They are completely ignoring the impact on men of their behavior and are demanding men be pillars of stone and not respond to them. Worse, these women are saying to men, “If I find you attractive and sexually interesting, then take my visage in. If I find you sexually deficient then stop glaring at me, you creeper!” This is absurd and abusive.

—- Comments —–

Roger G. writes:

As a lawyer myself, I can tell you that, under the relevant federal statute and case law, sexual harassment is the act of being hit on by an ugly guy.

Jane S. writes:

Typical liberals. They want respect to mean something. But they want respect to be theirs just for the asking. That way respect doesn’t mean anything. They never get that.

 N.W. writes:

While they may have the effect of making men stand like pillars of stone, it seems that they would rather men slump in their presence like stalks of boiled asparagus (unless the men are cute, ha!)






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