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Terry Jones Against the World

September 13, 2012


SEE the heated discussion here last year about the actions of Terry Jones. As I said at that time, Jones was acting courageously when he announced he would burn the Koran as a form of protest and resistance to Islam. In another entry, I quoted Jeff Culbreath of What’s Wrong with the World. He wrote:

That the Koran is a book worthy of mass extermination by means of fire cannot be credibly denied by any Christian who takes his faith seriously. I’ve defended the burning of books many times in the past, and have often made the point that Catholics have no business condemning the burning of books in principle (although specific cases might be condemned on prudential grounds). Indeed, the Church solemnly applauds the destruction of harmful books…


[T]o burn the Koran is simply to acknowledge the fact that Islam has declared war on Christians and has forced us into the role of combatants, however reluctantly on our part. That’s a refreshing perspective in light of the West’s shameful and ongoing capitulation to world Islam. Our headlong rush into dhimmitude, though motivated in large part by the criminal intentions of western elites bent on destroying the last vestiges of Christian culture, is also abetted by the naive complicity of many who would otherwise be our friends. In this latter group we may count those Christians whose sincere compassion for Muslims, as persons, blinds them to the dangerous reality of Islam itself; those who are motivated by a legitimate concern for the safety and well-being of Christians in Muslim lands; and a fair number whose abject fear of the Muslim scimitar in the West overrides their common sense.

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