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Why Race and Marriage Should Be Discussed

September 13, 2012


PAUL writes about the recent discussions here on interracial marriage and relationships:

This is an extremely important topic for me and the West. I recall many years ago attending yet another wasteful business conference. I am white, and I date white women only. I met a very dark but wholly European-featured Hispanic young lady (whose elegance and heritage proved to me she was brought up in a middle-class or wealthy family and attended American Catholic schools, although she never said it, and I don’t pry).

She charmed me, and I charmed her. Everyone experienced with the opposite sex knows when he or she is charmed. Everything around is unimportant. You focus is totally on her or him. We met after hours and walked and talked; I even endured the female desire to shop. But I knew not to indulge myself because it was against more than one of my principles. One of my principles is races should not intermix sexually. Intermixing is untraditional, and I was raised by traditional parents.

Contrary to the proposition that this subject has been overworked here, the subject should be discussed regularly whether it is here or elsewhere. Otherwise the subject will remain taboo, something that left alone will cause the subconscious to wreak havoc on us and, in this case, our nation. Have at my ideas.

—– Comments —-

Karl D. writes:

I don’t know if anyone has touched on this yet, but it is something that has always bothered me. Back in my dating days I would often come across women I would be interested in getting to know romantically only to be hit with what for me is a giant red flag. And even more then that, a huge turn off. The flag being the black ex-boyfriend. I can’t tell you how many times I came across this. And if it was bad back in the mid to late 90s, I can only imagine what it is like now? There were, and are still, many levels as to why a white woman having a relationship with a black man is so problematic for me. To me, it said something about her character and world view. Something that was the antithesis of my own. And to be honest, knowing the reality that she had been sexually intimate with a black man was just a huge turn off for me. Almost on a genetic level. Much more so then if she had been with say, an Asian, Hispanic, Arab etc. Needless to say, I never pursued any type of relationships with any of these women. I would be curious to hear your opinion on the matter of getting “involved” with white men or women who have been in a relationship (or relationships) with people of other races?

To illustrate the issue a little further, one of my first serious relationships was with a girl of Italian heritage when I was 16. We were together until I was around twenty years old. She was a year younger than me. We still kept in touch after we broke up, and after myself, she dated black men almost exclusively for years! About three years ago she finally settled down with a white man and now has two children with him. I just don’t know how he did it? Especially knowing her history (promiscuity included)? For me it would have been an absolute deal breaker.

 Laura writes:

I think the important thing here is that men and women differ greatly on this issue. Men tend to have more visceral antipathy toward interracial relationships and there are obvious reasons for this rooted in biology. It makes sense that these instincts would be stronger with regard to blacks, given that blacks are more aggressive toward whites.

Women don’t see these dynamics. I didn’t once either. Women are never taught anything about how men think anyway. It’s important that they be enlightened. It is impossible and undesirable to wipe away those visceral, ingrained reactions on the part of men.

Paul writes:

Men are instinctively protective of territory, which includes their mates. In The Territorial Imperative, Robert Ardrey laid out a compelling case for a territorial imperative regardless of his liberal ideas and goofy idea that humans should not keep pets . Men are the biologically ingrained gatekeepers against outsiders. Outsiders have always been feared by humans and other mammals if not almost all members of all animal phyla. The very definition of an animal includes a reaction to an external stimulus, which includes touch. So everyone has a territory.

Outsiders are by definition different, whether it is their dress, language, or behavior. Contacting (touching) outsiders cues the protective instinct. The male animal moves away to assess the situation. This could explain why many men react in a seemingly inappropriate manner to females who have consorted with those of another race, the outsider. The consorters are traitors or seditionists, perhaps—not to be trusted to defend the male’s family.

And as it turns out, men are probably reacting appropriately. They are protecting their territory in accordance with natural law. God does not want a Tower of Babel. If we all looked alike, we would still fight like cats and dogs just as twins often do. People need to realize the Tower of Babel was not a metaphor meant to dissuade us against merely a belief in a universal language, but a warning to dissuade us against a belief in a universal human, a human with no differences from other humans. If God had intended no differences, he would have simply cloned Adam.

These ideas are nothing new. Men and most women have been fighting against sexual racial intermixing forever.

I am not sure a nation that openly discouraged interracial marriage would be tyrannical or impractical. Such a nation would be tyrannical and possibly impractical if it actually enforced the discouragement with draconian penalties but not if cultural discrimination were allowed. After all, cultural discrimination was the traditional means of preventing race-mixing for thousands of years.

Terry Morris writes:

In response to Karl D.’s concluding sentence, I would say that if such behavior is not a deal breaker, then something is very wrong with the guy in question. His character is as corrupted as hers is, and that explains how he does it.

This is a bit off topic, but when I was serving in the USAF back in the early nineties I once found myself alone in the company of a group of black males who were cutting up about various things. When I stuck my head into the door and jokingly asked that they tone it down before they woke the entire base up, one of them replied “Ha, ha. Hey Morris, you scared of us ain’t ya?” When I asked, “Scared of who?,” and why he had said that, he replied “Brothas. ‘Cause you know that if yo wife ever slept with one of us, she’d never come back to you.” This had them all laughing for a few seconds until they saw the anger on my face. I simply said, “My wife is a lady, and she’s to be spoken of as a lady, or not to be spoken of at all. Do we understand one another?! If you ever speak about her in those terms again, I’ll shove my foot so far up your _ss you’ll choke on it, and there aren’t enough of you in this room to stop me. Got it?”

S. from Mumbai writes:

It’s very interesting when the male readers describe their instinctual reactions to inter-racial dating. Here’s my background.

On my father’s side I am descended from Scythian-Hun communities that migrated large-scale around 5th Century A.D. Their descendants fill the state of Rajasthan but have since moved on to many parts of India. Those who have not bred with the indigenous dark-skinned Indian races are fair skinned, dark haired, very tall by Indian standards and tend to be on the hot-blooded side. On my mother’s side – the gene pool originates from the north-western regions. This is a race mix that is comprised of Graeco – Khazarian remnants of Alexander’s army who didn’t accompany him on his long march back. Those who have not interbred with the indigenous dark-skinned Indian races are outright blonde-auburn haired, very fair, Mediterranean type. In fact Reader’s Digest did a feature on the tribes that didn’t mix their gene pool.

So basically – I am Hitler’s worst Nightmare right ?

My maternal grandmother was dark blonde with the pale skin that goes with it. One of the nephews seems to have had a regressive genetic flare up – he has the most bewitching green eyes and auburn hair. Out of sheer chance my genetics is 100 % non-indigenous Indian. I had blonde hair as a baby and light eyes but as I got older I have evolved into a pale skinned brunette who could easily pass for Italian, Spanish, French – what have you. I was educated in a Franciscan Convent and can bet anything I was a Florentian Catholic nun in one of previous lives ( kidding :D). What I am trying to say is – physically as well as intellectually, I would come across as a Western woman. I was exposed to the intellects of Dante and Shakespeare thanks to my education and am allergic to Rock and Roll and anything that is antithetical to culture. I tried, unsuccessfully to appreciate pop music and culture but failed miserably. That’s not to say Indian thought and philosophy haven’t permeated me.

I am therefore a fit for both Indian and Caucasian men. I have only ever been attracted to Caucasian or Indian ( light skinned gene pool like mine ) who know their classics and abide by the Judeo-Christian thought – along with a fair share of Vedic thrown in. I have NEVER been attracted or even considered African or even Asian men. I have run into my fair share of white and black men. A black DJ in Mumbai asked me why Indian women are such “bitches.” When asked to elaborate he said that unlike white women they are colder and meaner and reserve all their warmth and friendliness for white men. He wasn’t wrong. I am guilty of the same. I have always taken the initiative and chatted up white men wherever I met them but NEVER a black or Chinese man – I have never even looked at them for longer than a second.

But that’s because – I wasn’t raised in the U.S.A.

Of course the same doesn’t apply to fellow olive and dark- skinned Indian men. That’s not to say I don’t think of the rest of humanity as my Lord’s family – that’s Vedic thought for you. But the first rule in Vedic scriptures when choosing a spouse is kul – which encompasses race, community and family.

And EVERY Indian, down to your most liberal abides by that. You may find Indian men with white women but show me an Indian-African couple.

We are probably the most race-conscious culture in the world. And proud of it.

It is important to talk about this because what the liberals call racism is a million years of instinctual affinity that makes us human.

Now for my question – would it be wrong for me to marry a white man ?

My brother has said on numerous occasions that if he doesn’t find a woman like the fair ones in his family he will get hold of a Caucasian but not NOT settle for a dark-skinned Indian. That’s racism for you.

And it’s a good thing.

 Anonymous writes:

Paul comments regarding dating a hispanic women. Five years ago I indulged in dating a young hispanic woman. As Paul stated, “she charmed me, and I charmed her.” The relationship lasted a short three months, coming to an abrupt halt. I was taken was quite taken with her and needless to say was quite heart broken. However, a few weeks later, I was out and about in the town and noticed a man in his 40s with his young hispanic wife and three kids, that in no way looked like their father. At first, I was not sure he was the father, but their interactions clearly indicated otherwise. The idea that ones kids did not look familiar peaked my interested, so I started to pay attention. From then on I see these relationship, in which the child looks nothing like the father, everywhere. My immediate reaction was a “visceral antipathy toward interracial relationships.” While I may have been heartbroken we were no longer together, I took solace in the fact that I avoided a possible pitfall. I eventually came to the same conclusion Paul came to during his shopping experience.

Laura writes:

You would love your children, of course, every bit as much if you were married to a woman of another race. But they would probably have trouble identifying with you in some senses and with your extended family.

Buck writes:

To indulge, or not to indulge. Is that the question? Paul was tempted, but didn’t. A younger Karl D. indulged in a girl of Italian heritage who was later tainted forever by black men, something that must have haunted him since he says that it happened a lot. Terry Morris says that black men assailed his sexual prowess and insulted his wife. The proudly race conscious S. from Mumbai, a complicated mix of Turkish and Anatolian, is not in the least tempted to indulge in black men, but would indulge in Caucasian men. Her brother will choose a Caucasian woman over settling for a dark-skinned Indian. Anonymous says that he too indulged in a Hispanic women who saved him from falling into a pit of trouble by breaking his heart instead.

To indulge in something is to yield to your own desires. It’s human weakness. Since we are all human, we are all weak, increasingly more seem weaker than not. The more temptation we experience and the more we lack good alternatives, the more we will succumb as a population.

Modern liberal society increasingly creates and increasingly enforces public policy that intends for races to mix, so the less that any visceral reaction to it by a shrinking “minority” will matter.

I read that there are only two places left on Earth where DNA demonstrates a single lineage; an obscure province in a nether region of China and the uniquely contained people of Iceland.

The careless, unleashed and now unstoppable immigration into the shrinking white Western world is going to result in the eventual miscegenation of the minority of whites who have no will and no way to protect themselves from the growing ninety percent of the world’s population heading their way. It’s just the opposite. Whites are demanding the immigration of alien peoples. Whites are justifying a reason for their own existence by an aggressive enforcement of policies that will mean their own end.

Paul writes:

S. from Mumbai tells an intriguing and encouraging tale about races in India.  Specifically, it is encouraging to hear that in a society with an enormous number of heavy-Sicilian- to Negro-colored Caucasians, there exists a small minority of pale Caucasians that are apparently tolerated, at least if they believe in the unfamiliar concept of Vedic.  She did not mention discrimination.  On the pyramid of the Indian caste system, I wonder where pale Caucasians with Vedic beliefs and those with Christian beliefs reside.

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