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Daily Archives: October 4th, 2012

The President on How to Control Women

  IN an interview with Glamour magazine, Obama spells out his views on the proper role of women. They should go to college (preferably with federal subsidies) and get well-paying jobs. The government has an obligation to keep them from having too many children so that they can achieve these goals. And, one can infer […]

A School for Boys

  VINCENT C. writes: It is rare today, and becoming rarer with each new year, to find an educational institution that personifies what I believe is the primary purpose of education: the transmission of knowledge, both sacred and secular, and the building of Christian character. Both these objectives have been dismissed as marginally relevant by many, if not […]

A Snapshot of Demographic Realities

  I AM sure other commentators have remarked on the remarkable difference between the Romney and Obama families at the end of last night’s debate. The Obama daughters could not have been there because they were too young, but even if they were, it wouldn’t have made much difference. The Romneys swelled the stage, leaving […]

Two Salesmen Debate

  THERE WERE moments during last night’s presidential debate when I felt like I was watching two insurance salesmen selling their policies, down to all the boring and technical minor clauses. When they were talking about health care, I wouldn’t have been surprised if one pulled out an X-ray and said, “You see, if you […]