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Daily Archives: October 9th, 2012

One Response to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  SJF writes: I walked into the kitchen today at work and witnessed two young, very health-conscious women reading the label of a yogurt container and discussing whether it contained harmful chemicals. Both of these women most likely take hormonal contraceptives, and both walked in the recent breast cancer awareness walk/run. Given the chemicals in […]

Breast Cancer and Feminism

  ANDY NOWICKI writes at AlternativeRight about Breast Cancer Awareness Month: During October, everything in sight is painted pink—the chosen color of feminine “empowerment,” I suppose—and a bevy of worn, weary “survivors” are regularly trotted out as exemplars of womanly courage and fortitude. I have nothing against women with breast cancer, of course; indeed, I wish […]

The Sesamization of America

  DANIEL S. writes: I never much thought much about the negative social impact of the PBS children’s program Sesame Street, but Mark Steyn, in writing about Romney’s recent debate performance, states: Unlike Mitt, I loathe Sesame Street. It bears primary responsibility for what the Canadian blogger Binky calls the de-monsterization of childhood – the idea […]

Every Woman’s Dream

  A reader writes: This is a billboard sign from McAlester, Oklahoma. As you can see it is a petite young woman on a rescue line. I thought you might find it interesting.

Hoping for Early Marriage

  AIDAN writes: Hello, my name is Aidan and I am 18 years old. I recently started to read this blog and I must admit it’s amazing and relieving to have people to agree with and be open with. Most of the time, I would have to hold my tongue not only to be courteous […]