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Romney Boasts of Discriminating Against Men

October 17, 2012


THERE IS so much to say about last night’s presidential debate, which I turned off in disgust three-quarters of the way through, sometime after the fourth or fifth time Obama spoke of his support for modern eugenics, that I have had to deal with it in installments. Read More »


A Question from the Audience

October 17, 2012


AT LAST NIGHT’S presidential debate, Obama mentioned Planned Parenthood, which really should be called Planned Non-Parenthood or Eugenics Anonymous, no less than five times and spoke glowingly of the need for every woman to have contraceptives for free. Can you imagine George Washington or Eisenhower speaking of the need to widely distribute chemicals to prevent pregnancy and facilitate promiscuity? Read More »


Procession of the Nobles

October 17, 2012


THIS is a very inferior rendition of Rimsky-Korsakov’s magnificent Procession of the Nobles by a band of non-music students at the University of Wisconsin, but it is still highly enjoyable. As a commenter at Tradition in Action points out, what is most striking about it is the bearing of the conductor, his dignity, authority and the immense joy he takes in the music. The commenter at Tradition writes:

The student musicians are all non-majors of music; a meager band of non-professionals. The auditorium appears all but empty save for the some off-camera applause at the end (this could be the sound of proud parents). Read More »


Lies about Equal Pay

October 17, 2012


WHEN Mitt Romney was asked by Katherine Fenton at last night’s presidential debate, “In what new ways do you intend to rectify the inequalities in the workplace, specifically regarding females making only 72 percent of what their male counterparts earn?” did he dare to speak the truth and say that these discrepancies in earnings are overwhelmingly due to the voluntary choices of women in education and the job market? Did he say that women choose fields that are less high-paying and that women choose to drop out or scale back or switch jobs once they enter the workforce? Did he say that in some parts of the country, single women are actually making significantly more than single men?

Of course not. If he had spoken the truth, people in the viewing audience would have been shocked and angry. They would have been enraged by the open blasphemy against their idol, Woman as Perpetual Victim. Some probably would have burst into tears and come close to fainting with nausea as one woman academic did when Lawrence Summers, then president of Harvard, said that the reason there are not more women scientists is that women choose not to be scientists, an unbearable and absolutely unpardonable thought.

No, it would not have been possible for Romney to say such things and still remain in the running.

However, here is what Romney might have said to educate America and to counter Obama’s tendency to fan the feminist flames: Read More »


The Sight of a Woman Maimed in Combat, cont.

October 17, 2012



Looking at the picture of Bush dancing with a female veteran who has a prosthetic device in place of a leg, I repeat something I’ve been saying for over twenty years: a country that, not as a matter of necessity, but as a matter of choice and discretion, puts women in combat or near-combat situations where what happened to this woman can happen and does happen, and, furthermore, congratulates itself for doing this, is a country that is so perverted and wicked that it has lost the right to exist. That we still exist is due to mercy or suffrance, not justice.

Read More »


Nonsense Men

October 17, 2012


ALAN writes:

If my father had ever been asked to name the worst thing about American culture that he had witnessed during the second half of his life, I am confident he would have said:  The surrender of authority by American white men.  To yield their authority, he would say, is as good as yielding their families, neighborhoods, schools, cities, laws, borders, the armed forces, and national sovereignty.

It was common years ago to hear the words “no-nonsense man” applied to someone who was obviously serious about doing his job and meeting his responsibilities. How often have you heard that expression in recent years? Seldom or never? That is because there are so few American men today who fit that description. The no-nonsense men have been superseded by the Nonsense Men. In 1966 The Beatles sang about the “Nowhere Man.” Today they could sing about the “Nonsense Man:” The soft, feminized, acquiescent, “flexible,” adolescent-witted boy-man, visible today in every public place and replete with manners, clothing, and vocabulary to match. Tribes of such boy-men are what Americans got when American white men agreed to surrender their authority. Read More »


Fighting Breast Cancer, Emasculating America

October 17, 2012



 USA TODAY reports:

Bob Carey is not afraid to bare his emotions. Or anything else.

Carey appears in a pink tutu — and only a pink tutu — in a new book of photographs, Ballerina, created to support his wife, Linda, who has advanced breast cancer.

Each of the 61 photographs in the self-published book was shot in a different location — the Grand Canyon, a horse ranch, an Italian hill town. Each has one thing in common: the 51-year-old Carey — 5-foot-10-inches tall, weighing more than 200 pounds — appearing as a solitary figure in a landscape, or alone in an anonymous crowd.

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