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The Child Abuse that’s Everywhere

October 20, 2012


HERE’S another outstanding comment — a comment that’s too good to leave buried in a thread — about the Boy Scouts sexual abuse scandal. Texanne writes:

Our children are victimized every day by people who don’t touch them or even get near them, but who constantly bombard youngsters’ minds with sexual thoughts and images and generate anxiety about what kind of sex they might prefer or even what sex they might be. There are no secret files kept on these predators — they abuse openly and with public funds, with the endorsement of school authorities and even with parental approval. And yet, somehow, the protective glow of victimhood remains.

Perhaps the Boy Scout abuse story will help to dispel the victimhood myth.

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The Culture War and the Boy Scouts

October 20, 2012


THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU writes in this entry:

I was never a Scout, but I hope that Scouting survives. What fascinates me is not so much the revelation about Scouting as the revelation about liberalism, which is willing to switch positions diametrically, systematically ignore evidence, and exploit whatever is of momentary advantage against the objects of its perpetual scorn and hatred.  For decades the Boy Scout organization made the point that permitting homosexuals to serve as group leaders would be to invite abuse.  The Scouts based their position on the well-grounded assumption that male homosexuality is essentially pedophiliac and that it would be crazy to put pedophiles in charge of boys and adolescents.  The American Left sustained a relentless culture-war against the Scouts that rested on categorizing that perfectly reasonable assumption and its argumentative consequence as a bigoted fantasy.   Read More »

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