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Daily Archives: October 22nd, 2012

Instead of Accumulating Debt, She Made a Rug

  This is a bed rug completed by Mary Foote (1752-1837), in Colchester, Connecticut in 1778. According to The Magazine Antiques, it was made in preparation for her wedding: This is one of four spectacular bed rugs made to commemorate the weddings on November 5, 1778, of three siblings of the Foote and Otis families, prosperous farmers […]

Pieper on Learning to See

  DANIEL S. writes: I was reading several essays by the late philosopher Josef Pieper (perhaps my favorite philosopher of the twentieth century) about art and music tonight, which can be found in his book Only the Lovers Sing: Art and Contemplation. His observations are ever timely, and I thought I would summarize a few […]

Too Poor to Take a Vow of Poverty

  IN A CULTURE where women are encouraged to take out massive debt for higher education, it is not only difficult to become a housewife, it’s hard to become a cloistered nun. Tara Clemens is trying to pay off more than $100,000 in loans she took out for law school so that she can enter […]

The Second Sex in France

  AT, a Frenchman named Darcel vents about the aggression and self-centeredness of contemporary French women. The piece is short and roughly written (or translated), but he makes some good points. He writes: French girls used to be famous for coquetterie,” a behavior that made them charming and above all lovable. Needless to say […]