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Daily Archives: October 29th, 2012

Our Ambassador of Women’s Rights

  WERE Americans ever asked if they wanted their federal government to promote “women’s rights” around the world? The answer is no. Just as voters were never asked if they wanted mass immigration from non-European countries or if they wanted legal abortion or if they wanted God banished from public life, so they were never asked […]


We Have No Red Lines, and thus No Freedom

  JAMES P. writes: The Daily Mail reports Putin’s remark about the band Pussy Riot: “We have red lines beyond which starts the destruction of the moral foundations of our society,” Putin went on. “If people cross this line they should be made responsible in line with the law.” Wasn’t there a time when American […]

An Incomprehensible Breakdown

  THIS IS a heartbreaking picture of the sister of Yoselyn Ortega, the nanny who murdered two children on the Upper West Side of Manhattan last week.  Mylades Ortega said she was horrified by what her sister had done and could not comprehend it. Her 50-year-old sister appeared to enjoy and love the Krim children. […]