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A Protest in France

October 21, 2012



THIS SHORT video depicts Génération Identitaire’s non-violent occupation of a mosque in Poitiers, an historic act of protest against mass non-Western immigration and the growth of Islam in France. Read about it at Galliawatch.

—– Comments —–

Buck writes:

Thank God for the French. I pray that this tiny belated revolt against themselves gains for the French the solution that a minority in the West have been hoping for; another chance to vote. This could be the beginning of the reversal of the compulsive desire for the suicidal incursion of Islam into the West by the West. Viva la referendum!

Seriously, one hundred protesters from “all over France!” That’s one hundred out of a non-Muslim French population of sixty million. There were at least that many cops and government officials and NGO representatives on site condemning them as fanatics and haters. This protest means nothing.

Maybe the French can conjure up some sort of legal strategy to stall and possibly prevent the completion of this one symbolic mosque, ala the Ground Zero mosque. Though these moderate Muslims could still blanket the place with prayer rugs, or continue to attend any one of the other mosques popping up, the hand writing will be on the wall. After all, stopping one of the hundred and fifty or so new mosques currently under construction in France will have a huge symbolic effect. But, won’t even that be counterproductive? I hear, from the ruling authority, that it is only the moderate Muslim who operates and attends a mosque in the West. I’m told that these moderates are the necessary and the only antidote to Islamic extremism. Are these young Frenchmen dupes?

The number of Mosques in France doubled to two thousand during the last ten years. That number is projected to double again over the next ten years, continuing so to when? That fact versus only ten new Catholic churches in the same period. The Big Mo is clearly not behind a hundred born-again, civic minded, existentialist neo-Frenchmen.

Continuing to be civil is feckless posturing in the face of certain death. What’s the point of a man being stoic in the moment that he drowns? To be well thought of and respected by those who forced him from the crowded boat, after they repeatedly told him and his elders that this time would certainly come, if he ever welcomed them aboard?

Laura writes:

It was a small number of protesters, but they caused a sensation throughout France.

My concern is that they are pagans who have nothing beyond their nationalism and racial identification. One must fight for the French not simply because they are French. Here are some apt comments from CWNY at Cambria Will Not Yield:

I recently saw a video on YouTube put out by a group of young French men and women, who called themselves “Generation Identitaire.” Their heartfelt declaration of war against the diversifying powers-that-be was quite moving. They no longer shall be rootless and without an identity; they will be white and French was the thrust of their declaration. But let me insert an old man’s warning: There is no such thing as a white identity that denies, ignores, or skirts around the white man’s faith in Christ. Beneath the outward bravado of the pagan nationalists I see spiritual surrender in their souls. They have sided with the liberals on the central issue: “Did Christ rise from the dead?” And they have sided with the Christian atheists by conceding that whoever wears the collar or cassock has the right to define Christianity. Hence, when a clergyman says Christianity means diversity, the young pagans reject Christianity despite the fact that their people, the white Europeans when they were Christian, rejected diversity in the name of Christ. There is nothing new about the deification of youth. That is as old as paganism. And there is nothing new about the assertion that we should be proud of our race because our race, biologically speaking, is smarter and stronger than other races. That too is pagan. What the Christian European, who is now rejected by the liberal and the neo-pagan, brought into the darkness of paganism was a belief that youth was a thing of the spirit, not a product of biology; nor was skin color primarily a biological entity; it too belonged in the realm of the spirit. If our whiteness is not of the spirit, an external sign of our inmost soul, why should we desire to fight for it? And if youth is not of the spirit, if it is merely a transitory biological strength to be passed from one generation of apes to the next generation of apes, then of what use is the sweet bird of youth? It is an evil phantom masquerading as the Messiah.

He also writes:

The Europeans have been to the mountain and have stood on holy ground. And they have stood on holy ground because they embraced the little human things that lead us to God. St. Paul is the greatest of all theologians because his epistles are addressed to small groups of individual human beings. All transcendent thought comes from a concern for particular human beings. Shakespeare’s “simple” stories take us to the heights and depths because Shakespeare is concerned with the human heart, not with theories about humanity. And likewise the incomparable Burke; his letters are irreplaceable works of genius because he wrote them from his heart, without moral blinders on, to stir the hearts of other human beings who still had hearts that lived.

Modern Europeans have contracted a brain fever that has gotten into their blood. Until that fever breaks, there is nothing that can be done with them. They will continue to worship the negro and try to appease the lords of Liberaldom. But if that fever should finally break! It would be like water released from a gigantic dam. All of Liberaldom would be washed away. Do we know the day and the hour of that great cleansing? Of course we don’t, because the human heart and God’s grace are mysteries. But when the European’s fever breaks, the moral blinders will be removed from his heart, and he will dream dreams and see visions again of a babe in a manger and a Man of Sorrows. +

Daniel S. writes:

According to GalliaWatch, the group is at least culturally Christian:

The Bloc is Christian, but not oriented toward religious issues except when there is a major issue in the news, and they recognize the primordial role of the Church in the foundation of their country. They come across as toughies, ready for battle, what we might call “red-necks”. They have in the past staged nighttime calls of the muezzin, so that the populations of various cities might know what life will sound like when Islam rules.

They don’t seem to identify themselves as neo-pagans from what I can gather. Indeed, many of the neo-pagan intellectuals of the New Right, such as Alain de Benoist, in France have encouraged allying with the Muslims against globalism and Americanism.  The French political theorist Guillaume Faye, himself a pagan (though one not hostile toward traditional Christianity), has criticized the French New Right rather harshly concerning their policy of accommodation and seeming Islamophila.

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