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An Incomprehensible Breakdown

October 29, 2012


THIS IS a heartbreaking picture of the sister of Yoselyn Ortega, the nanny who murdered two children on the Upper West Side of Manhattan last week.  Mylades Ortega said she was horrified by what her sister had done and could not comprehend it. Her 50-year-old sister appeared to enjoy and love the Krim children. According to reports of neighbors of the Krim family who saw the nanny with the children, she was kind and sociable. It is unlikely she would have been kept in the position of nanny for two years by a doting mother if she had not been. Marina Krim apparently saw no warning signs, or did not take them seriously, but such things happen even in close families. Not long ago, an otherwise normal family near where I live was killed, the mother, father and son all stabbed with a samurai sword by another son, whom they knew was mentally ill but believed they could help on their own. Call it a psychotic breakdown or demonic possession, the Krim murders similarly defy all human motivations.


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Alissa writes:

I hope foreign nannies will become the Achilles heel towards upper-middle class to upper-class families insulated by delusional liberalism and bring them back to reality. These people constantly shout how people are racist or full of bigotry. How mass immigration from the Third World is a blessing. These people always end up with the “good immigrants” (which is but a fraction of how immigration truly looks like). They always end up with the intelligent immigrants with intact families and project these characteristics towards the whole. Ed H’s comment touches on this possibility.

Laura writes:

Given that this was a freakish case and there are not many Hispanic nannies who cut the throats of their charges, I don’t think this will change any attitudes on immigration though probably it will lead to more caution by parents who hire nannies.

I think it is unfair to criticize the Krims as delusional liberals. Perhaps they were, but the implication is that because they were delusional liberals this happened to them and they failed to prevent it. We don’t know enough about Ortega or her relationship with the Krims to make this serious charge.

As for the common practice in wealthy liberal enclaves such as the Upper West Side of hiring Hispanic or black nannies, I find this disturbing when the nanny replaces the mother who is working during the day, which was not the case with the Krims. As for the former, why not live somewhere cheaper and give up the nanny? These nannies, who often seem so bored as they indolently glance at their cell phones while wheeling their charges to the park, have always struck me when I have been to the Upper West Side as a sign of decadence. Many well-off families seem to believe young children are similar to luggage and just need someone capable of toting them around. It doesn’t matter that the nanny is from a different culture and race, which affects communication, or that the nanny is not very intelligent.

Fred Owens writes:

We heard a phrase last week, in our rampant political discourse, about what God intended. That got me thinking — that everything is what God intended, and so there is great evil in the world and if God did not intend it, then He surely let it happen.

But we sometimes say — and we should say it very carefully — that a good thing can from result from a tragedy. I was thinking of Saint Ignatius, a warrior, wounded in battle, suffering in a hospital bed, and from that experience he turned to Christ and founded the Society of Jesus.

But with the Krim children, this seems so much worse, and we should not dare to know or even ask what God intended, we can only bow our heads in a humble prayer.

Laura writes:

God does not intend evil — but that’s a theological discussion for another day.

Karen I. writes:

From what I have read of the case, after finding her precious children stabbed to death, Mrs. Krim tried to use a towel to stop the bleeding from her nanny’s self-inflicted wounds. I think Mrs. Krim must be fundamentally a very good human being to do such a thing. If she was not, she would have left the killer of her children to die on the spot.

Also, reports state that Mrs. Krim said, among other things, that she would “never go back there” and “they can have it all.” Clearly, she instantly knew she had lost what is most important in life.

Nothing in any reports I have seen about Mrs. Krim indicate a selfish mother. People come from all over the world to live in New York and many have no family nearby, so mothers often have no choice but to employ nannies, unless they want to drag their children all over the busy streets of New York every time one child has an activity or appointment.

Laura writes:

I agree.

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