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Every Woman’s Dream

October 9, 2012


A reader writes:

This is a billboard sign from McAlester, Oklahoma. As you can see it is a petite young woman on a rescue line. I thought you might find it interesting.

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James P. writes:

In July, I saw a semi on the interstate that had a highly decorated trailer advertising the Air Force Academy.

Every single photo of a pilot on the sides and back of the trailer depicted a woman.

Apparently it is not considered necessary to attract men to the Academy via advertising.

In any event I was bemused by the complete negation of the old Academy motto, “Bring Me Men” (which was eliminated in 2004 as offensive to current sensibilities).

Is there an Eternal Flame at the Academy powered by Curtis LeMay spinning furiously in his grave?

Laura writes:

Ads such as these all but scream: “Men, we need you not. Consider something other than the military.”

Normal women don’t yearn to rescue. They yearn to be rescued.

Terry Morris writes:

She is Woman! Look at ‘er roar … or, soar!

You wrote: “Normal women don’t yearn to rescue, they yearn to be rescued.”

Exactly. And this is what I find to be so ironic about the billboard. The young woman depicted does not look like a strong, self-confident, determined rescuer. Rather she looks small and frail, and the way she’s peering upward gives the impression that she, in spite of the military garb she is wearing, is actually being rescued along with the child, instead of rescuing the child. Somehow I imagine that there is a (heterosexual) man at the other end of that rope.

But, of course, how could she be an effective “rescuer” and a full time college student too?

Mary writes:

In reading about the billboards and military magazines dominated by images of females I can’t help but be reminded of the common complaint that in Catholic churches where girls are invited to be altar servers there is usually a resulting decline in boy altar servers. Some say this has led to a decline in vocations to the priesthood, though obviously there are other reasons as well.

How long will it be before our good, strong and capable male would-be soldiers stop signing up because they refuse, for good reason, to entrust their lives to the women on either side of them in battle? Male comaraderie is being slowly destroyed and with it it’s strengthening effect on civilization.

I see a return to the draft in the not-too-distant future.

Laura writes:

As has been discussed here before, whenever women enter a traditionally all-male field, it becomes less attractive to men.

Regarding the draft, I don’t know how the military could refuse to draft women too. It certainly can’t remain committed to its egalitarian principles and not draft women. The all-male draft would have to be an unprincipled exception.

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