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Fighting Breast Cancer, Emasculating America

October 17, 2012



 USA TODAY reports:

Bob Carey is not afraid to bare his emotions. Or anything else.

Carey appears in a pink tutu — and only a pink tutu — in a new book of photographs, Ballerina, created to support his wife, Linda, who has advanced breast cancer.

Each of the 61 photographs in the self-published book was shot in a different location — the Grand Canyon, a horse ranch, an Italian hill town. Each has one thing in common: the 51-year-old Carey — 5-foot-10-inches tall, weighing more than 200 pounds — appearing as a solitary figure in a landscape, or alone in an anonymous crowd.

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Mark Slater writes:

The photograph is very disturbing; all the more so because I thought, at first glance, that it was one of the touching old paintings that you often include on your blog.

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