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Our Ambassador of Women’s Rights

October 29, 2012


WERE Americans ever asked if they wanted their federal government to promote “women’s rights” around the world? The answer is no. Just as voters were never asked if they wanted mass immigration from non-European countries or if they wanted legal abortion or if they wanted God banished from public life, so they were never asked if they wanted their government to promote feminism in foreign countries.

In this video, America’s first-ever Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues Melanne Verveer, who was appointed by Obama, explains her mission. She makes the astounding and factually incorrect claim that female-run businesses are “the accelerator” of economic growth.

Promoting women’s rights means promoting discrimination. It doesn’t mean creating equality of opportunity. It means creating inequality of opportunity. Our Global Mistress of Feminist Supremacy advocates directing economic aid to female-run businesses and helping women purely because they are women to attain positions of power.

Political power is now a human right for women. Woman’s traditional place in the home and community is now, by definition, a violation of human rights.

Feminism is ever-radicalizing, demanding not just the reconstruction of American society but of the entire world. Family collapse, disastrously low fertility, feminized poverty, sexual disease, stupid children, moral apathy and a pervasive decline in civility and manners —-  all this, Verveer wishes to spread.

—— Comments —–

Kevin M. writes:

With any luck the bovine-faced shrike will be out of work when President Romney takes office.

You’d think after the ICE sexual harrassment fiasco, Barky would be more leery of high-profile female appointees. Still, this one doesn’t appear qualified to harrass a garden slug.

Stewart W. writes:

I never before realized that female-run business were “the accelerator” of economic growth.

History Channel is currently running a series called “The Men Who Built America”, about the industrialists of the 19th and early 20th centuries who made the United States into the leading global economic power. The program is surprisingly fair and unbiased, given how much leftist and academic slander these men have endured over the last century, when everyone realized that Upton Sinclair, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and George Washington Carver actually built this country.

I wonder if Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Carnegie and the others knew how much they were holding the country back by not being women?

Terry Morris writes:

At first glance, I thought that was Hillary (Hillary’s looking bad these days, don’t ya think?). Anyway…

If Women’s businesses are the accelerators of economic growth, then what do they need with economic aid?

On the issue of transmitting our values to other countries/importing foreign values to America, an acquaintance who owns a vacation home near my home said to me once of the illegal hordes of Hispanic immigrants who have invaded our State, that one good thing he would say about them is that they have strong family values. I replied, “If they stay in America very long, their ‘family values’ will disappear.”

He replied (smiling): “Good point.”

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