The Thinking 

Procession of the Nobles

October 17, 2012


THIS is a very inferior rendition of Rimsky-Korsakov’s magnificent Procession of the Nobles by a band of non-music students at the University of Wisconsin, but it is still highly enjoyable. As a commenter at Tradition in Action points out, what is most striking about it is the bearing of the conductor, his dignity, authority and the immense joy he takes in the music. The commenter at Tradition writes:

The student musicians are all non-majors of music; a meager band of non-professionals. The auditorium appears all but empty save for the some off-camera applause at the end (this could be the sound of proud parents).

What is so striking about this little film is the manner in which the conductor & performers present themselves in less than grand circumstances. Hughes’ apparel & bearing is of great formality & command.

It seems to matter not if he is conducting in a school gym or at Albert Hall. The students are each dressed & groomed in a most refined and pleasing way. That good conduct follows discipline in appearance is a fair bet.

Perfect execution of the piece? Perhaps, not. But, there is splendor in any case. The splendor of well-governed lives.

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