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Russian Ladies May Receive High Honor

October 3, 2012


THE female punk rockers who broke into a Moscow Cathedral and staged an obscene protest, resulting in a two-year jail term, are now viewed as brave dissidents by European leftists.  They have been nominated for the European Parliament’s annual Sakharov Peace Prize. J.C. Von Krempach writes in an article posted at LifeSite News:

Pussy Riot was nominated by German MEP Werner Schulz (Greens/EFA), who gathered the signatures of 45 other MEPs for this proposal. Candidates for the prize can be nominated either by a political group or by a minimum of 40 MEPs.

The lack of judgment shown by the proponents is truly breathtaking. One may of course opine, as many Europeans do, that two years in prison is too harsh a sanction for the tasteless stunt, and that the sentence should be reviewed. But since when is it worthy of a prize – nota bene, for a peace prize – to force one’s way into a religious building in order to perform an obscene protest in which, be it under the pretext of a political motive, the faith of the religious community is derided and insulted. [cont.]

—– Comments —-

Daniel S. writes:

Anti-Christian blasphemy and desecration of churches is lionized by the European (and American) left, yet these same leftists condemn to fines or jail time Europeans like Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Geert Wilders, Lars Hedegaard, Guillaume Faye, and French actress Brigitte Bardot for “insulting” Islam or Muhammad.

Jane S. writes:

Yeah, check out the photo. They’ve got pillowcases over their heads. They look like the Ku Klux Klan.


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