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The Beautiful Tramps and Ugly Egalitarians of France

October 26, 2012


GUILAIN writes from France:

This is in response to your recent entry on French women.

I would not say that the French are not classy anymore. Actually, many women look like very classy prostitutes.

In general, there are two kinds of women. Those who spend lots of time grooming and choosing clothes in their wardrobe, and those who don’t.

Unfortunately, the efforts of the first woman are not directed toward beauty. It seems that her main concern is to be sexually arousing. It might not be the case, but this is what the visible results suggest.

The second kind of women includes those who have rejected the way of the first woman. That can be for various reasons. Some don’t want to be sexy. Some reject consumerism or materialism. The intentions are good but the result is not. Why? Because those girls end up dressing very badly as well. They wear sneakers, jeans, shapeless grey sweaters. While the first woman’s sexual identity can easily be determined, the second’s is not. Rejecting the excesses of our time she has sacrificed her whole feminity and looks totally androgynous.

This is something that I have noted in the Catholic circles to which I belong. The women there belong mostly to the second category. They don’t want to stimulate sexual desires, but in the end, they don’t stimulate any form of desire. I’m sure that they think that what matters is what’s inside people (i.e., the soul). But I believe that if God thought that way, he would not have bothered putting flowers or sunsets in nature. Instead of a full rainbow of colors he could as well have made everything grey.

By the way, I totally agree with a point that was made on your blog a few days ago. The way we dress influences our mind. As a man, I experience a big difference when I dress elegantly even if I’m alone at home. The idea that only the inside part of a human being is important is nonsense.


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