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The President on How to Control Women

October 4, 2012


IN an interview with Glamour magazine, Obama spells out his views on the proper role of women. They should go to college (preferably with federal subsidies) and get well-paying jobs. The government has an obligation to keep them from having too many children so that they can achieve these goals. And, one can infer from his statements, women must unceasingly compare themselves to men and envy what men have. Compare Obama’s philosophy with that of Theodore Roosevelt, who said in 1905:

No piled-up wealth, no splendor of material growth, no brilliance of artistic development, will permanently avail any people unless its home life is healthy, unless the average man possesses honesty, courage, common sense, and decency, unless he works hard and is willing at need to fight hard; and unless the average woman is a good wife, a good mother, able and willing to perform the first and greatest duty of womanhood, able and willing to bear, and to bring up as they should be brought up, healthy children, sound in body, mind, and character, and numerous enough so that the race shall increase and not decrease.

—— Comments —–

Terry Morris writes:

My God! What a poor excuse for a father this guy is. I actually feel sorry for his daughters, but I guess he himself came by it honest.

He reveals, towards the end of the interview, that he and his older daughter share a taste for certain kinds of music. But regarding their shared tastes in Rap music, he will not listen to it with her because the language embarrases him, making him blush, in her presence. Yet being the “man” and “father” that he is, he does not try to constrain her in her choice of music. And he expects her to make good choices.

Ha, ha. I repeat, this guy’s a bad joke as a father.

And half of the country wants to re-elect this creep!

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