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The Sight of a Woman Maimed in Combat, cont.

October 17, 2012



Looking at the picture of Bush dancing with a female veteran who has a prosthetic device in place of a leg, I repeat something I’ve been saying for over twenty years: a country that, not as a matter of necessity, but as a matter of choice and discretion, puts women in combat or near-combat situations where what happened to this woman can happen and does happen, and, furthermore, congratulates itself for doing this, is a country that is so perverted and wicked that it has lost the right to exist. That we still exist is due to mercy or suffrance, not justice.

—– Comments —–

Andrew writes:

Ask yourself, what kind of MAN sends womenfolk out to fight for him? What kind of PRESIDENT sends a military out to fight with women in harm’s way?

How can such a person be taken seriously as the leader of a nation?

 Laura writes:

Whenever I see a woman solider, that is the first thought that comes to mind. What is going on in the minds of her male commanders and in the minds of the men in her life? How do they live with themselves? I don’t mean to say it is their fault necessarily, but I don’t know how they process it all without being deadened.

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