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We’ve Got Every Angle Covered

October 10, 2012


SHEILA C. writes:

Perusing your site this morning reminded me of all the standard, liberal memes pushed relentlessly by the MSM. Ubiquitous pink packaging? Check. I had to dig through a number of spice containers at the grocery store the other day to find one in standard colors; I will not “support the ta-tas.” The denial of evil and infantilization of America? Check. I was a bit too old for the Sesame Street era, but my younger sister, who was always “young” for her age, watched it in its early years, and even then its pabulum sickened me. I preferred real babies (and baby sitting) even then. The feminization of the military? Check. My son’s National Guard magazine arrived in the mail yesterday (he has never bothered to read it, but I usually leaf through it). Page after page after page featuring woman and “people of color” performing heroic deeds and fostering multicultural understanding. No guns or violence, mind you; merely heroic ground troops in the war against White European male hegemony.

I’m sorry to sound despairing, but it’s truly hard not to echo John Derbyshire here: “We are doomed.”

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