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Young and Wanting Traditional Marriage, cont.

October 27, 2012


NICHOLAS writes:

Your post about a young woman in college who wants more than anything a traditional marriage was an immense consolation to me. I am a young man in college in the perfectly complementary position. (Though by God’s grace with more hope, I think.) To the wise, the path that God has set for us should always appear terrifyingly impossible, but for the confidence we have in his providence.

To Sophia, may God bless you. And to God, may I meet someone like her someday!

Ben J. writes:

I’d like to reply to the comments of Sophia.

Sophia shouldn’t be given over to despair. There are young men in the world, like me for example, who would do literally anything to find a woman like her. I’ve looked for the better part of a decade, still nothing. At 25, I feel like a failure for not finding a Godly spouse yet. Sophia’s comments really encouraged me, and made me feel better.

—– Comments —

Laura writes:

I am certain there are many young men and women like you. The difference is, they want  traditional marriage, with the man in the role of provider and the woman as his faithful companion and helpmeet, but dare not even admit it to themselves because they have been conditioned to believe that these things are no longer possible economically and that to want them is a sign of weakness and dependency.

In truth, to want them is a sign of strength, not weakness. And while the economics are difficult, they are not impossible, as the many traditional families who are not rich can testify.

Terry Morris writes:

The economics aren’t as difficult as people tend to think, except when the two haven’t committed to becoming one flesh, which simply means that they have their priorities all wrong. You may not be able to keep up with the Jones’s, but you’ll be a lot happier than they are because your marriage will be more stable than their’s. Guaranteed.

Mr. Morris adds:

God doesn’t make idle promises. When you choose to follow his plan because you trust him, no matter what everyone around you is saying, it doesn’t matter what the economic situation is. He will provide. Let God be true, and every man a liar.

Andrew B. writes:

Young traditional Catholics seeking a likeminded mate should pray to St. Raphael for guidance to that person, as seen in the beautiful story of Tobit in the Bible.

As to advice for surviving on one income in modern America, I offer the following that many would never consider. Pick a place to live where you can survive with one car – supporting a family is far easier when you are not also supporting two cars to the tune of around $7000 per year each. If you don’t think it is that much, you aren’t considering all the costs! The best way to do this is find somewhere that the father can commute to work by walking or on public transit or by working at home. People have little idea how much money really goes into the care and feeding of a car. All the rest of what is needed is common sense like accelerating the paying non mortgage debt, reducing your cost of living especially by avoiding frivolities, and living in a low cost locale.

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