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Young, in Debt, and Funding the Narcissistic Generation

October 24, 2012


MANY excellent comments have been added to recent discussions. I hope you will go back and read the additions. Please see the entry on student debt, in which Proph from The Orthosphere responds to the story of a recent female graduate of a top university whose parents have advised her to default on her student loans. Proph is $60,000 in debt for his higher education, and makes occasional loans to his father. He writes:

I can certainly agree … with David’s indignation at the rank, monstrous irony with which a grown man would complain about the irresponsibility of young men, while himself selling his daughter into debt slavery so she could pay his Social Security bills. I’m 26 myself, $60,000 in debt, with a strict budget and a plan to get myself debt-free in six or seven years, and I’m still lending money to my father, who, with twice my income and half my debt, often finds himself surprised and bankrupted by modest, anticipated expenses. His is the “dumbest generation of narcissists in the history of the world” (to borrow a turn of phrase from The Last Psychiatrist), and they’ve made a mess of everything.

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