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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Evil Chivalry

  MALCOLM POLLACK writes: Making the rounds today is an item you may have missed  –  a scholarly paper on the subject of “benevolent sexism” (known to the rest of us as “being a gentleman”). It’s a serious problem, as it turns out: apparently it makes people happier, and therefore must be done away with. The […]

Trapped by Homosexuality, cont.

  IN response to Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s call for Congress to denounce psychological treatment for teenagers who have homosexual desires, a reader named Will G. writes: It infuriates me that they want to criminalize those who wish to help people escape the slavery of that life. Wretched people! I spent fifteen years living as a […]


A Kindergartner and a Picture Book

  IN A WAY, it’s endearing that some parents still believe that they can send their little children off to the local elementary school and keep them from encountering the freakish and abnormal. It’s endearing because it suggests that these parents have been living in an oasis of some kind where their innocence has been mysteriously preserved, […]

Feminists Never Seek this Kind of Equality

  JAMES P. writes: You wrote in the entry about Ruth Bader Ginsburg hoping for an all-female Supreme Court someday: “Funny, how feminists never notice that men have dominated the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs too. They’re not clamoring to be plumbers.” In 2011, there were 4,609 fatal workplace injuries in the U.S.A. Of those […]

A Site for Dresses

  CASEY writes: I have read up on your discussions about the difficulty of finding traditionalist attire in the modern world and thought you and your readers might appreciate another recommendation. Shabby Apple is a retailer I recently discovered that offers very tasteful, modest clothing. In fact, I think it’s the best clothing site I’ve ever come […]

Congresswoman Calls for Denunciation of Therapy for Homosexuals

  IN JANUARY, a law will go in effect in California making it illegal for psychotherapists to help clinically teenagers who have homosexual attractions and who want to live normal lives as heterosexuals. Even if the teenagers and their parents want the sex-orientation therapy, they will be prohibited from receiving it, provided that the law, […]

Few Babies in Countries Great for Babies

  JAMES P. writes: The Economist has an article that ranks the countries of the world in order of “which country will be the best for a baby born in 2013.” The rankings incorporate a number of factors: GDP per capita; life expectancy at birth; the quality of family life, based primarily on divorce rates; political freedom; unemployment […]

H.G. Wells and Stalin

  IN A piece at The Brussels Journal, Thomas F. Bertonneau describes the British author H.G. Wells’s observations on the dictators of the twentieth century. Of particular interest is the description of Wells’s interview with Stalin. Mr. Bertonneau writes: Stalin in Wells’ eyes was a “lonely overbearing man… damned disagreeable,” and yet possessed of “an […]

The Basis of Romney’s Superficiality

  THE DAY before the election, I wrote: Romney’s Mormonism, in my opinion, is an aspect of his shallowness and also of his loyalty to his family. On Sunday, Lawrence Auster explained this more fully:

A Brilliant Career

  MARY writes: If I were like Inez - a young, very bright, athletic go-getter marrying a guy with a trust fund big enough to support us comfortably for life – I know exactly what I would do. I would finish up my law degree from the Top Ten school. Just because. Then I would marry […]

Maybe an All-Female Senate too?

  RUTH BADER GINSBURG said during a public appearance the other day that equality for women will be achieved when there are nine female justices on the Supreme Court. In other words (for all those who still hadn’t gotten the message), it isn’t really about equality after all. Good enough. Let the dreams of this […]

Few Women Sign Up for Marine Course

  EARLIER this year, Capt. Kate Petronio of the Marine Corps made news when she wrote in the Marine Corps Gazette that women are not up to combat tours and overwhelmingly do not wish to serve on front lines. She said she herself had been rendered infertile by the physical stress of her experience in […]

A Beautiful Manhood, cont.

  BELOW are excellent comments that came in today on the previous entry about a feminist law student pondering her future. The young woman, Inez, who attends a “Top Ten law school,” plans to have children but hopes to spend little time with them because she suspects she is not talented at that kind of thing. Even […]

A Law Student Plans a Non-Traditional Marriage

  INEZ writes: I’ve read your blog with interest over the last several months. You can call me your loyal (hopefully respectful) opposition. I’m perfectly willing to grant that many of the principles you articulate about masculinity and femininity are true across large numbers of people, and I oppose a great number of modern feminist […]