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Evil Chivalry

November 30, 2012



Making the rounds today is an item you may have missed  —  a scholarly paper on the subject of “benevolent sexism” (known to the rest of us as “being a gentleman”).

It’s a serious problem, as it turns out: apparently it makes people happier, and therefore must be done away with.

The abstract is here, and I comment briefly on it here.

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Trapped by Homosexuality, cont.

November 30, 2012


IN response to Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s call for Congress to denounce psychological treatment for teenagers who have homosexual desires, a reader named Will G. writes:

It infuriates me that they want to criminalize those who wish to help people escape the slavery of that life. Wretched people!

I spent fifteen years living as a homosexual and began to leave it 12 years ago. While I did see a therapist for a short time, it was the Wonderful Counselor, the Prince of Peace, who ultimately gave me freedom (and a fantastic wife). It took about four years to pry myself loose from all of the entanglements with my job, friendships, gay neighborhood, which all reinforced the status quo. I did not escape without contracting HIV. Fortunately my disease has not kept me from being able to have a life. I am now married to a magnificent wife and we adopted my precious baby girl three years ago. Read More »


November 29, 2012


Ms. James Pulham Sr.; John Constable, 1818


A Kindergartner and a Picture Book

November 29, 2012


IN A WAY, it’s endearing that some parents still believe that they can send their little children off to the local elementary school and keep them from encountering the freakish and abnormal. It’s endearing because it suggests that these parents have been living in an oasis of some kind where their innocence has been mysteriously preserved, and that’s good, I guess.

Here’s an example of a very innocent parent. Read More »


Feminists Never Seek this Kind of Equality

November 29, 2012


JAMES P. writes:

You wrote in the entry about Ruth Bader Ginsburg hoping for an all-female Supreme Court someday:

“Funny, how feminists never notice that men have dominated the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs too. They’re not clamoring to be plumbers.”

In 2011, there were 4,609 fatal workplace injuries in the U.S.A. Of those deaths, 4,234 were men (92 percent). Women, you have not yet achieved equality in this important realm! Go baby, go!


A Site for Dresses

November 29, 2012


CASEY writes:

I have read up on your discussions about the difficulty of finding traditionalist attire in the modern world and thought you and your readers might appreciate another recommendation. Shabby Apple is a retailer I recently discovered that offers very tasteful, modest clothing. In fact, I think it’s the best clothing site I’ve ever come across! Their motto is “Beautiful Dressing Shouldn’t Be Complicated,” so they clearly recognize the ridiculousness of having to purchase cardigans and sweaters separately in order to cover oneself; and the average dress length hits just below the knees. The only general downsides are that most of the dresses are pattern-less, probably not ideal for housework, (as you mentioned before patterned dresses show less dirt) and are a tad bit expensive (though they still appear worth investing in). I’ve messaged them about my wanting less single-colored dresses, so maybe if more women do the same they will put the idea to work. Also, sights in the maternity section warm my heart! Here’s a beautiful image:

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Congresswoman Calls for Denunciation of Therapy for Homosexuals

November 29, 2012


IN JANUARY, a law will go in effect in California making it illegal for psychotherapists to help clinically teenagers who have homosexual attractions and who want to live normal lives as heterosexuals. Even if the teenagers and their parents want the sex-orientation therapy, they will be prohibited from receiving it, provided that the law, which is being challenged in court, goes into effect. Now a Congresswoman, Jackie Speier, a California Democrat, is calling on Congress to denounce sex-orientation change therapies for teenagers.

So the United States Congress may officially condemn humane efforts to keep teenagers from becoming homosexual. The effort to normalize homosexuality, by its very nature inhuman and totalitarian, leads us to ever deeper circles of hell.

See some great analysis of Speier’s proposal at VFR.


Few Babies in Countries Great for Babies

November 29, 2012


JAMES P. writes:

The Economist has an article that ranks the countries of the world in order of “which country will be the best for a baby born in 2013.” The rankings incorporate a number of factors: GDP per capita; life expectancy at birth; the quality of family life, based primarily on divorce rates; political freedom; unemployment rate; climate; crime rate; quality of community life (based on membership in social organizations); governance (measured by ratings for corruption); and, gender equality (measured by the share of seats in parliament held by women).

What I found supremely ironic is that in the countries of the world where it is supposedly best for babies to be born, very few babies are actually being born.

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H.G. Wells and Stalin

November 28, 2012


IN A piece at The Brussels Journal, Thomas F. Bertonneau describes the British author H.G. Wells’s observations on the dictators of the twentieth century. Of particular interest is the description of Wells’s interview with Stalin. Mr. Bertonneau writes:

Stalin in Wells’ eyes was a “lonely overbearing man… damned disagreeable,” and yet possessed of “an intelligence far beyond dogmatism.” In The Experiment, the description of the interview goes on for eight pages (684 – 691). Read More »


The Basis of Romney’s Superficiality

November 27, 2012


THE DAY before the election, I wrote:

Romney’s Mormonism, in my opinion, is an aspect of his shallowness and also of his loyalty to his family.

On Sunday, Lawrence Auster explained this more fully: Read More »


A Brilliant Career

November 27, 2012


MARY writes:

If I were like Inez – a young, very bright, athletic go-getter marrying a guy with a trust fund big enough to support us comfortably for life – I know exactly what I would do. I would finish up my law degree from the Top Ten school. Just because. Then I would marry the Trust Fund Guy. Then I would promptly move to the country with TFG, buying a big piece of land with a big old rambling house and some chickens and horses and dogs and maybe a cow or two. Read More »


Maybe an All-Female Senate too?

November 27, 2012


RUTH BADER GINSBURG said during a public appearance the other day that equality for women will be achieved when there are nine female justices on the Supreme Court. In other words (for all those who still hadn’t gotten the message), it isn’t really about equality after all.

Good enough. Let the dreams of this wizened, man-hating revolutionary come to pass. Let there be nine women on the Supreme Court. I nominate Whoopi Goldberg as Chief Justice. Let all the women on The View get a chance. The court wouldn’t be much more of an outrage to justice than it is now. Let it go.

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Few Women Sign Up for Marine Course

November 27, 2012


EARLIER this year, Capt. Kate Petronio of the Marine Corps made news when she wrote in the Marine Corps Gazette that women are not up to combat tours and overwhelmingly do not wish to serve on front lines. She said she herself had been rendered infertile by the physical stress of her experience in combat operations in Iraq. However, according to The Washington Times, Petronio was five months pregnant when the article appeared and she had a baby in October. Her article didn’t say she had been made permanently infertile, but it did leave that impression. I wrote about it here.

Petronio is in the news again because only two women signed up for the much-discussed Marines Infantry Officer Course that was opened to women for the first time in September. Neither of the two women made it through the grueling course. Female officers pushing a greater role for women in combat are angry with the results. They say possible recruits were scared off by Petronio’s story and that women weren’t attracted to the training course because they cannot serve in infantry positions anyway.

Petronio had argued that most military women have no interest in combat positions. She wrote: Read More »


A Beautiful Manhood, cont.

November 26, 2012


BELOW are excellent comments that came in today on the previous entry about a feminist law student pondering her future. The young woman, Inez, who attends a “Top Ten law school,” plans to have children but hopes to spend little time with them because she suspects she is not talented at that kind of thing. Even though she doesn’t need to work for a living, she prefers to do rather than be swept up into something as passive, emotional and feminine as motherhood. Her husband, she says, will drop their offspring off at school.

I’m posting the new comments here because they deserve their own entry.

Karen I. writes:

Inez is very young and she is still sorting things out. Actually, she isn’t all that young, as many women in previous generations were married with children by her age. But, she is young by today’s standards. By today’s standards, she has a decade to ponder things before she has a child. She has time to get an important degree, and then a time-consuming job. She has time to accumulate marriage proposals, and turn them down. Her bragging about them is a bit unsavory, but she can do that if she wishes as well. She even has time to visit websites like The Thinking Housewife that promote a very different lifestyle than the one Inez is considering, just to post politely disagreeable things. Read More »


A Law Student Plans a Non-Traditional Marriage

November 25, 2012


INEZ writes:

I’ve read your blog with interest over the last several months. You can call me your loyal (hopefully respectful) opposition. I’m perfectly willing to grant that many of the principles you articulate about masculinity and femininity are true across large numbers of people, and I oppose a great number of modern feminist tropes. However, both my natural inclinations/strengths and my admittedly short experiences have been the opposite of what you would consider feminine.

In your entry “Male and Female, Summarized” you list masculine and feminine qualities. Of the masculine, I strongly fulfill all except sexual conquest, physical strength (relative to men, of course), and naturally, genius, although I doubt that most men possess this quality either! [Let’s leave aside for a moment the technical meaning of PATER-nalism and how I cannot possibly be paternal by definition, not being a man, and replace it for now with “protectiveness.”] Read More »


Feminists Sued by Civitas

November 24, 2012


AT Galliawatch, Tiberge reports on the aftermath of the violent and obscene protest by feminists during a Paris march against homosexual “marriage.” She writes:

Jacques Bompard, mayor of Orange and deputy in the National Assembly, who participated in the Civitas march has described what happened on Sunday, as the rally was getting started:

“The extremists of Femen violently attacked the rally, spraying the demonstrators, including children in carriages and the security personnel, with fire extinguishers,” insists the deputy. Worse, the Ukrainian militants from Femen were “naked with anti-Christian and obscene slogans on their chests, shouting in front of young children,” he wrote in his communiqué. “Contrary to what government spokeswoman Mme Vallaud-Belkacem affirms, the provocations and the calls to hatred came from the aggressors and not from the demonstrators,” he added, condemning the attack “perpetrated by extreme-left-wing militants that belong to an activist fringe group.”

See the amazing video (be warned: it contains obscene footage) of the feminists from Femen aggressively shouting and then screaming like little girls when the crowd reacts to their attack with fire extinguishers.

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Liturgical Fashion Threatened!!

November 24, 2012


THE Church of England’s rejection of female bishops has dealt a devastating blow to the future of liturgical vestments. We’re going to see far less innovation in the years ahead. Just when things were finally getting interesting too.



Homosexuality and the Priesthood

November 24, 2012


ERVEN PARK has an interesting piece at Tradition in Action on the high prevalence of homosexuality in the Catholic priesthood. He blames this on the failure of bishops to adhere to longstanding prohibitions against men with homosexual inclinations and on the natural attraction of the priesthood to homosexual narcissists. He makes persuasive points. However, he seems to be missing a major factor.

It’s not surprising if few men secure in their manliness are attracted to the heavily sentimentalized environment of a contemporary Catholic parish, where they will be raised up on eagle’s wings, to paraphrase the popular Catholic hymn, on the emotional, personalist liturgy of Vatican II. The figures on homosexuality in the priesthood are probably skewed by the general decline in male vocations. The feminization of the Church inevitably leads to effeminate priests.

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