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A Nineteenth Century Oppressed Woman

November 2, 2012


A Woman's Protest, John Liston Byam Shaw; c. 1899

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Our Sexualized Military

November 2, 2012


Sgt. Jennifer Smith

SEE this astounding headline in The New York Times:

Military Has Not Solved Problem of Sexual Assault, Women Say


Why would anyone expect that a coed military would ever solve the problem of sexual assault? It’s much more likely that the problem has just begun. Also, might we ask, why women who are trained aggressors are not able to deal with aggression from their fellow soldiers? Someone who cannot defend herself against other service members is hardly in the position to defend herself against committed enemies.

Here is my working definition of a woman in traditionally male military positions. A female solider is someone who joins the military not to defend her country but to fight her country. Even if she has patriotic feelings, even if she has done her job well, she is, unless in some crucial role that can only be served by a woman, effectively at war with her own country to the extent that she approves of, seeks and fights for equality in the military. America depends on a male fighting force and on the relative cohesiveness, simplicity and camaraderie of a male force.

Illustrating this point, the women interviewed here are outraged that men made improper comments or physical contact. And it’s true these actions are improper. But the idea that they could ever be eradicated is delusional. There is a quite easy solution: minimize the number of women in the armed forces, making it as close to none as possible. Read More »


More on the Dressing Down of America

November 2, 2012



One of my concerns about the appearance of the advanced West is the clothing. In all fairness, it is not entirely the fault of the people. They buy what is manufactured and put on the rack in the stores. In the photograph you posted of the people in the city, well, some of them may have paid a lot of money for a pair of jeans and a hoodie. Others bought something very cheap or practically free at a big box store. These clothes are easily available, in great quantities; very visible in ads and store windows, in movies.

There are better styles but sometimes relegated to catalogs or more expensive stores, which can hardly survive the competition, which puts out tons of dull, puffy, stretchy, baggy, shapeless, androgynous, colorless clothing, and makes it visible from the windows of the stores.When people are not informed or educated about whether clothing is in good taste or not, they buy what is easiest to attain. Read More »


One Soul at Rest

November 2, 2012


THE REV. James Jackson writes:

Here is an epitaph from an English headstone that I put in the bulletin for this coming Sunday; thought you might like it.

Here Lie I, Martin Elginbrodd;
Have mercy on my soul, Lord God,
As I would do, gin I were God
And thou wert Martin Elginbrodd.

A blessed All Souls Day to you.

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