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November 5, 2012


Giovanna Garzoni


Sex and the City, the Middle Age Version

November 5, 2012


Claudia Connell admits at the advanced age of 46 that she will never have a family.


I am a regular reader of your blog. Thank you for your work. I really enjoy your social commentary and insights.

I read this article in The Daily Mail about a forty-six year old journalist who comes to realize that men prefer to marry younger women.  She comes to this conclusion:

“I … think it’s an uncomfortable truth that the sort of high-flying alpha males we were all holding out for didn’t want women like us. All the successful men I know have married sweet, uncomplicated women who are happy to forfeit their careers to support their husbands,”

She concludes the article by comforting herself with the thought of her disposable income.

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Dress and Learning, cont.

November 5, 2012



VINCENT C. writes:

Mr. Smith’s commentary about the German school’s dress etiquette for teachers might leave the impression that such rules for dress were long forgotten in the school systems in the U.S. Speaking from personal experience, it is beyond cavil that those “teacher dress codes” began to unravel in the 1970s with the ascendency of the counter-culture’s belief, now indelibly etched in our custom, that “clothes did not make the man,” but were merely an external and inappropriate system of judging anyone, including a teacher, and which played no part in his/her performance or success.

The class pictured here, taken about 1966/67 was of 12th year students (17-18 years of age) taking their second part American History course in preparation for the state examinations – called Regents in New York State. There was no warning that such a photo would be taken; hence, neither the teacher nor the students dressed any differntly than they normally did. Read More »


How Can Christians Vote for a Mormon?

November 5, 2012



I marvel that Christian conservatives rally around Mitt Romney, the first non-Christian to run for president of the United States. Did you note Rev. Billy Graham’s recent “rehabilitation” of Mormonism from “cult status” to “full biblical integrity?” Perhaps Rev. Graham has been swept away by the zeitgeist of flip-floppery.

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Men Can Have Girlfriends Too

November 5, 2012


JANE R. writes:

Pictures do say a thousand words. This photo of Gov. Christie and Obama is sarcastically being referred to as their Love-In. I don’t get it. The whole country is watching and this is how politicians conduct themselves and allow themselves to be photographed? Weird!

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An Election Forecast

November 5, 2012


TWO friends of mine who are financial analysts have been following the polls closely since last summer. They believe the polls are wildly wrong because they overestimate voter turnout among Democrats. My friends have made two predictions:

1. Romney will win in a landslide,

2. Obama will become a talk show host.

I have tried to convince them that their predictions are overly optimistic, but have not succeeded.

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SSPX and Rome

November 5, 2012


DANIEL S. writes:

It has been widely reported in the liberal press that discussion between the Vatican and the traditionalist Catholic group, the Society of Saint Pius X, has irrevocably broken down, with blame being placed on the SSPX for being retractable and reactionary. Reports of the demise of the ongoing dialogue have been greatly exaggerated. Indeed the Vatican is now awaiting the response from the traditionalist society concerning a doctrinal preamble submitted for their consideration. The SSPX has requested more time to review and consider the preamble, with the Vatican stating that the ongoing process must be met with patience and perseverance. It would seem neither side has abandoned dialogue. Read More »