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Daily Archives: November 6th, 2012

As Hope for Romney Fades, a Supporter Cheers on

  JEREMY MORRIS writes: A few moments ago I was browsing Twitter and happened upon a tweet by a female Romney supporter. I thought that you might find it interesting, for lack of a better term.

Vote without I.D. in D.C.

  A GRATEFUL READER writes: I just voted in the District of Columbia, where I have voted for the past fifteen years. I generally write in the candidates and have no aspirations that my candidates will be elected. In the course of those years, the choices have remained left and far-left, but the voting process […]

Nanny Speaks of Anger and Shows No Remorse

  AS posted at VFR, The Daily Mail reports more extensively than the Times on the latest in the nanny case. Yoselyn Ortega said she had an argument with Marina Krim the day before the killings and resented the family for its demands. She was also told by the family that she might be fired for poor […]

Obama’s Mock Folksiness

  OBAMA takes his job with such a striking lack of seriousness that one questions whether he truly wants a second term. I believe he does not truly want a second term (Michelle surely does want it). One of the most despicable, albeit minor, examples of this lack of seriousness is his habit of referring […]

Homeschoolers Fled Germany and Sweden

  AT the first ever Global Home Education Conference on Friday, Dagmar Neubronner, of Germany, spoke of moving to France with her children because homeschooling is banned in her own country: [W]e left at the moment where we couldn’t be sure about keeping custody of the children…. My very first responsibility as a mother is for the […]

Men Who Prefer Femininity After All

  MARK RICHARDSON writes about the Daily Mail article in which a middle-aged female journalist laments the fact that men prefer women who are not feminist careerists. Mr. Richardson writes: As regular readers will know I work as a teacher and so I am in a position to follow the lives of about 60 other […]

Nanny Speaks of Resentment toward Krims

  ACCORDING to the New York Times, Yoselyn Ortega, the Dominican nanny who slashed two children to death in Manhattan two weeks ago, told police detectives Saturday that she resented the Krims. This is in keeping with a previous post here that questioned whether she was motivated by envy. William K. Raushbaum reports: The nanny charged with […]