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A Fantasy World vs. Reality

November 9, 2012


MARY writes:

Conversion is like stepping across the chimney piece out of a Looking-Glass world, where everything is an absurd caricature, into the real world God made; and then begins the delicious process of exploring it limitlessly.

               —– Evelyn Waugh

Waugh’s words seem especially fitting this week of all weeks – they cut to the heart of the matter so beautifully even though they were written decades ago. I see many parallels to today’s America: our own “absurd caricature” in which no one’s happiness is supposed to be hindered in any way, a world of health and youth and endless pleasure, with limitless entertainment pumped right into our homes, where it is believed that suffering has no value and can and should be completely eliminated, with many good minds actively promoting this philosophy in our colleges and universities. A world where men can marry men, and women can marry women, and anyone with the aid of science can defy nature and produce children. Read More »


The New Meaning of “Husband”

November 9, 2012


MR. TALL writes:

Like many others, I’ve not been feeling very chipper the past couple of days. My gloom was deepened yesterday morning when reading through some news headlines on The Daily Mail site. It occurred to me that in many contexts the only place you will now see the word ‘husband’ used is to identify a homosexual man’s ‘mate.’ A heterosexual woman’s mate is always a ‘partner.’ How very far we have progressed.

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Feder on “Mitt the Mild”

November 9, 2012


DON FEDER has a very good column on the election results. He argues that Romney’s exclusive focus on jobs, his failure to fight aggressively on many other issues and his overall mushiness were decisive. He writes:

[W]hen the campaign began in earnest after Labor Day, it was all jobs, jobs, jobs, deficits, deficits and deficits. (The high cost of energy got an honorable mention.) Romney was maniacal about staying on message. When Benghazi exploded in the president’s face, the Romney camp outsourced the issue to talk radio. That’s not leadership.

Incredibly, exit polls showed more voters trusted Obama to handle a foreign crisis than Romney (by 57% to 50%). That’s what comes from the GOP nominee’s refusal to speak frankly about the fiasco.

The whole piece is worth reading.


A Snapshot of Congressional Realities

November 9, 2012


PROPH writes:

Behold Tammy Duckworth, Democratic Congresswoman elect for Illinois’ 8th district and a relatively comprehensive symbol of the sickness of the present age.

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Race Was Not the Key Factor in Romney’s Defeat

November 9, 2012



Even though it is clear that non-whites vote Democratic much more than whites do, it is also true that the racial make-up of the states that voted for Obama is not that much different from the states that voted for Romney. In actuality, the racial make-up of the states that Obama won actually favors Romney and yet Obama won those states anyways!  Race is not as important a factor in voting as it appears when looking at voting by racial category.  Oddly enough the White Childless Cohabitation Ratio appears to be a better predictor of how a state will vote than the racial make-up of the state even though the White Childless Cohabitation Ratio only factors in the family behaviors of whites as a predictor.

The overall social environment of a state appears to be more important than the racial make-up of a state in terms of voting.

Below is a little table showing the collective racial make-up of all the states voting for Obama versus all the states voting for Romney in the 2012 election (Florida is assumed to have voted for Obama) based on the 2010 Census.  In addition I add in what the expected vote for Obama would have been based solely on race. Read More »

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