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A Newspaper Marks Veteran’s Day

November 12, 2012


JOHN writes:

This front page AP story about the trial of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is how our hometown newspaper, the Cortland Standard, chose to observe Veteran’s Day .

We are truly a disoriented society.  God have mercy.

To all of you who have served this nation, I salute you.  I am grateful for your service.

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Will There Be Take-Out Communion Next?

November 12, 2012


THE indignities to which the Holy Eucharist has been subjected since Vatican II are enough to make one physically sick. They make me nauseous and slightly dizzy, as I would feel if I saw, say, a small child slapped across the face. But things are getting worse. As reported at Tradition in Action, some parishes have instituted self-serve Communion.

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How Holly Petraeus Was Doubly Betrayed

November 12, 2012


IN A COMMENT at VFR,  Henry McCulloch writes:

There is one aspect of l’affaire Petraeus I do not think I have seen discussed. Yet it is critical to understanding both how Petraeus got where he did in the Army, and what a colossal betrayal of Mrs. Petraeus his infidelity represents (even beyond the sinful betrayal that adultery always is).

David Petraeus was an accomplished cadet at West Point and then had the kind of assignments that indicate a young officer is carefully being groomed for advancement. His career features tours as a general’s aide and graduate study at Princeton, both valuable tickets for the officer with stars in his eyes to punch.

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A Cuckold with a Vitalist Wife

November 12, 2012


JAMES P. writes:

You wrote,

“Men, it seems, have lost all of their instincts when it comes to keeping their wives away from other men. I have a hard time feeling sorry for Broadwell’s husband. What was he thinking when he allowed her to go off every day? Why did he marry someone so unsuited to loving him? I guess he too was bowled over by Broadwell’s decadent vitality and attractiveness. Also, he might have liked the fact that she was going to earn big bucks. Life in Washington, or wherever else they lived, is very expensive.”

I couldn’t agree more. To permit your woman to travel overseas in close proximity to a powerful other man is nuts. Of course, that’s exactly what happens whenever a married woman deploys. Thus, marrying a woman who serves overseas is nuts. Read More »