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A Newspaper Marks Veteran’s Day

November 12, 2012


JOHN writes:

This front page AP story about the trial of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is how our hometown newspaper, the Cortland Standard, chose to observe Veteran’s Day .

We are truly a disoriented society.  God have mercy.

To all of you who have served this nation, I salute you.  I am grateful for your service.

—– Comments —–

Terry Morris writes:

In our sick, twisted, narcissitic society, Veteran’s Day is just another “Federal Holiday” by which wealth generating Americans are taxed indirectly to pay wages to non-wealth producing government workers for doing absolutely nothing. Notice that this year Veteran’s Day actually fell on Sunday. But it was ‘celebrated’ on Monday. In a failed economy that most definitely WILL collapse eventually, these kinds of massive expenditures simply should not be; they should be eliminated post haste. But that won’t happen, of course. The mob would riot in the streets.

When we get to the other side of what is about to befall us for our crimes against Nature and Nature’s God, one thing society will have to do to rebuild a viable, moral, economic system is to resist all temptation to establish so-called “federal holidays” like Veteran’s Day, et al.

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