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Congresswoman Calls for Denunciation of Therapy for Homosexuals

November 29, 2012


IN JANUARY, a law will go in effect in California making it illegal for psychotherapists to help clinically teenagers who have homosexual attractions and who want to live normal lives as heterosexuals. Even if the teenagers and their parents want the sex-orientation therapy, they will be prohibited from receiving it, provided that the law, which is being challenged in court, goes into effect. Now a Congresswoman, Jackie Speier, a California Democrat, is calling on Congress to denounce sex-orientation change therapies for teenagers.

So the United States Congress may officially condemn humane efforts to keep teenagers from becoming homosexual. The effort to normalize homosexuality, by its very nature inhuman and totalitarian, leads us to ever deeper circles of hell.

See some great analysis of Speier’s proposal at VFR.

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