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Demonstrations for Marriage in France

November 18, 2012


HERE is good news. Thousands of people turned out in cities across France for two different demonstrations, yesterday and today, against a bill that would legalize homosexual marriage and adoption. Tiberge writes about the events at Galliawatch.

Notice how the banner above calls attention not just to marriage as one man and one woman, but to the child as having both a mother and a father. Homosexual marriage involves the unjust deprivation of children of their natural parents and homosexual adoption deprives the orphaned child of surrogates for both his mother and father. Behind the banner is a sign calling for parity in marriage, mocking the left’s constant calls for parity with equal number of men and women in all spheres of life. And below is another great sign, which says, “A father, a mother — One doesn’t lie to children.” That’s a terrific statement.


—- Comments —-

Kevin M. writes:

Tiberge writes:

The second demonstration, set for today, is sponsored by Civitas, a very traditionalist Catholic organization whose stated goal is to re-Christianize France.

Now there’s a goal everyone in Europe (not just France) should embrace. Let France and England show the way and let the others follow suit.

If it doesn’t happen, Islam will rule Europe in 20 years.

Daniel S. writes:

There was also a protest against the Islamization of France last weekend by thousands of traditionally-minded Frenchmen, which went unreported by the leftist French media. Clearly there is still some in France who wish to stand against the liberal zeitgeist and preserve their historic religion and culture.

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