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Feminists Sued by Civitas

November 24, 2012


AT Galliawatch, Tiberge reports on the aftermath of the violent and obscene protest by feminists during a Paris march against homosexual “marriage.” She writes:

Jacques Bompard, mayor of Orange and deputy in the National Assembly, who participated in the Civitas march has described what happened on Sunday, as the rally was getting started:

“The extremists of Femen violently attacked the rally, spraying the demonstrators, including children in carriages and the security personnel, with fire extinguishers,” insists the deputy. Worse, the Ukrainian militants from Femen were “naked with anti-Christian and obscene slogans on their chests, shouting in front of young children,” he wrote in his communiqué. “Contrary to what government spokeswoman Mme Vallaud-Belkacem affirms, the provocations and the calls to hatred came from the aggressors and not from the demonstrators,” he added, condemning the attack “perpetrated by extreme-left-wing militants that belong to an activist fringe group.”

See the amazing video (be warned: it contains obscene footage) of the feminists from Femen aggressively shouting and then screaming like little girls when the crowd reacts to their attack with fire extinguishers.

—- Comments —

Daniel S. writes:

What are radical Ukrainian feminists doing in France? (A rhetorical question of course.) The FEMEN started out with their vicious, revolting anti-Christian campaign in the Ukraine. They are infamous for blasphemous publicity stunts such as cutting down crucifixes, staging nude protests in the Vatican, and posting photoshopped pictures of FEMEN militants beheading Russian president Vladimir Putin and the head of the Russian Orthodox church (who was once physically assaulted by a FEMEN member) on Facebook. One of the founders of the group fled from the Ukraine to France after coming under a lot of heat in her native country.

I can only say that is too bad that this protest didn’t happen in Russia, as these screaming FEMEN harpies could use the same treatment received by their fellow travelers from Pussy Riot. (Sorry, no “free speech” defense argument from me.) Also, what are the odds that there is George Soros money behind this group? (Another rhetorical question.) I only mention that because it is important to realize that such cultural Marxist groups are not spontaneous or independent, but are funded by globalist capitalists such as Soros who have a blatantly anti-Christian agenda.

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