The Thinking 

Homosexuality and the Priesthood

November 24, 2012


ERVEN PARK has an interesting piece at Tradition in Action on the high prevalence of homosexuality in the Catholic priesthood. He blames this on the failure of bishops to adhere to longstanding prohibitions against men with homosexual inclinations and on the natural attraction of the priesthood to homosexual narcissists. He makes persuasive points. However, he seems to be missing a major factor.

It’s not surprising if few men secure in their manliness are attracted to the heavily sentimentalized environment of a contemporary Catholic parish, where they will be raised up on eagle’s wings, to paraphrase the popular Catholic hymn, on the emotional, personalist liturgy of Vatican II. The figures on homosexuality in the priesthood are probably skewed by the general decline in male vocations. The feminization of the Church inevitably leads to effeminate priests.

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